August 28, 2013

Rick, the Cop II..

He strikes again. This time with a feature he calls..

Prom Night at Camden High School

By special arrangement, direct from beautiful downtown Camden, New Jersey, we present a rotogravurian festival. Sit back and enjoy.

Note the broad community support in the form of numerous police vehicles and an ambulance!

Prom dresses sure have changed since I was in high school!

What is that around her neck?

More police in the community support I meant.

Somewhere in the 'hood, there is a Buick with missing seat covers. Know what ah'm sayin'?

Wonder if Boy George knows where his hat is?

What's holding those up?

No comment! a SlimFast?

..have three SlimFasts!

Double yikes!!

Who let him in?

Have a case of SlimFasts!

Black 'n Blue Thunder? the caption said.
 ..and if anybody out there gets in a snit and starts thinking I am a racist, remember two things:

(1) I did not forces the these folks' wardrobe choices upon them and..

(2) ..somewhere there is an appalling collection of redneck grads decked out in separate but equal sartorial splendor.



  1. At least the inner city youth have the promise of sharing STD's after the dance has ended.