May 30, 2012

Chickens coming home to roost, baby..

This perhaps comes under that heading, I suppose. You cannot be a stone doofus for four years and not pay the price.

How many of you wake up in the morning to the innocuous, almost-vapid Fox and Friends? You know, all the puff pieces and set-ups for the hard articles that supposedly come at 0600 PDT? Sometimes those three (and their weekend counterparts) do get a little hard-edged and run with something truly edgy. I offer a case in point for your visual enjoyment:

Over on Hot Air, there' s a raging controversy about whether this is nothing more than a blatant 4-minute political advert. (Well, actually, it's pretty one-sided; almost 100% favorable.) Frankly, I don't give a good goddam. How often does JugEarz go on morning shows and get tongue bathed from the knee-pad MSM or lap dances from the cackling hens on The View?

UPDATE: On the other hand, here's an enabler from CNN getting her pretty little liberal fanny handed to her by John Sununu (apologies for the commercial):



  1. Thanks for posting this...

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  3. The last clip reminds me of the "C" word. As for the first clip, you watch the pantload I refuse!

  4. I never noticed you have your own digs.... I'll be stop by to see ya.....;)