February 11, 2010


Had a few beers with the bride and her Japanese lady friends -- The Obaban's -- and got to talking about what a grade double-A buttwipe this Pantload-in-Chief is and I showed them Hot Air.

Well, it's when I came across this classic rip-off of the Who's Teenage Wasteland replete with digs on that pussbag Gore.

Anyway, I'd write more but I m not coherent, having polished off a brace of Sapporo and a baker's dozen tacos. (Or is that a brace of tacos and a baker's dozen Sapporo?)

In any case, I am into the Myer's Rum at this point and..

..what the hell, just play the damn thing and enjoy the artistry of those from the North country who are more talented than us.

Must be the cold air; keeps their heads and thoughts clear.


  1. Madame,

    I am fine. Thanks for rousing me from my reverie. I got handed a (minor) setback at my job and am rebounding. It is nothing so serious that a "hello" from you cannot snap me out of!

    There is so-o-o-o-o much to post about and I need to get with the program.

    How'd your radio appearance go?


  2. 私は嬉しい好むそれを。 私は忙しかった一時的にが、それにやがて戻る。

  3. Voyska,

    Show off, I could type something that looks just like that...

    Wouldn't mean a thing, though. Man, my brain had enough difficulty trying to absorb French, let alone a language that has nothing in common with the Romance languages.

    You still using the same email address, Voyska? Receive my recent email ok?

  4. J-,

    It's good to hear from you. I sent a private e-mail response to yours. Been very ill recently and hence no posts and responses. But I have been watching..hunched in the bushes on R'n'R with my rat-meat and rice..getting stronger.