October 5, 2009


The downside of the Government's Epic Fail-of-a-Cash-for-Clunkers may have been that it merely front-loaded auto sales figures and that is a bummer and pretty much of a hallmark of the failed-and-failing stimulation effort by this incompetent administration.

..but my good friend and work associate, Dave Brown, points out that the upside to this program was that it got 95% of the cars with OBAMA/BIDEN bumper stickers off the road.


  1. LOL on the scratched off bumper sticker! I think there are some good cartoons depicting people doing that, too.

  2. Life imitates art. One of my neighbors - a fully invested young UCI student with the typical chick noveau VW bug with the cutesy-pie flower decals and all - was recently seen scrubbing her car's bumpers of her O/B memorabilia. I was walking Alice at the time, so I didn't get a chance to ask the young lady her reasons. I think she just got notice of a tuition raise from U.C., I am guessing.

    I know you don't drive one of those cars, do you? I'll bet you got a Hummer to transport the clan around the O.C.!

  3. I never divulge my automobile to online friends. ;-)

    But it belongs to the minivan category. Japanese brand.

  4. I certainly understand. I was just TOYing with you. On that point, I am becoming more and more jelous of my son. In about 35 weeks, he will be driving an LAV -- all at government expense!

  5. That LAV looks like fun. Probably these are some of the reasons boys sign up. Lots of toys.