October 3, 2009


Work with me here on some math. Michael Moore's new film opened at #7 out of 10 and grossed [only] $1.5 millions -- at least that's what Drudge reported. That's not too good is it? I mean, these films don't usually have legs and this means he will "only" gross about twenty mil or so. That's pathetic compared to the other crap he's shoveled out to an unsuspecting public..

..isn't it?

Still, with a haul like that, I don't think that this cheeseburger-sucking tub of goo shouldn't be out savaging capitalism, do you?

On another front, I hear that Chicago got stuffed in the first round by a vote of 18 out of 94. Now I know that's bad. I mean, if you are a utility infielder (for the Cubs) and you're 18 for 94 for the season, you should expect to be back down on their class D farm club roster sometime before September, right?

Well, maybe the Sox. The Cubs would probably keep you on.

UPDATE: George will throws out more numbers for us to consider. Paraphrasing, our beloved pair of narcissists went to Copenhagen and both gave speeches about themselves. Michelle used the personal pronoun or a form of it 34 times in 16 paragraphs and The Big Flopper did the same 23 times in 13 paragraphs.

To quote Ecclesiastes, "All is vanity.."

UPDATE II: Clifton over at his stupendous ABC blog, posts a confirmation that The Cheeseburger-Sucking Tool's latest offering tanked. As I said, only his doing a reprise of Mama Cass's room-service sayonara could make me more happy. I suppose that's cold, but no more so that the slime and ooze that issues from certain Floridian members of the House of Representatives and sallow-skinned, greasy-haired, tattooed lefty actresses wearing idiot glasses.     


  1. Thanks for confirming my suspicions!

    Cheeseburger appears for a duke out on Hannity Monday evening, I thnk. Predictably, it will be sarcastic, leftist invective hurled against a staccato fusillade of anti-Obama talking points. No light, just heat and smoke. But at least it won't be a smarmy, ego-infected chat with O'Reilly wherein, the tub of goo is condescendingly "given the last word".

    That's our problem: Moore, Gerafalo, Van Jones, and all these idiots are given the first. middle, and last word by people on the right whose testicular mass approximates single-ought ball bearings.

  2. Guys, the world is a changin. RayGuns world is dead. Communism is dead.

    Unfortunately China will probably rule the global economy in about 20 years. Their government is directing, through incentives, not dictates, the smart course of action for their economy to take. Green energy, etc. The US can't agree on squat anymore, and I attribute it to You Know Who. Our problems today, the worlds, mostly stems from HIM.