October 19, 2009

Face Time

Too often we blog in anonymity hiding in our basements, concocting our screeds in our pajamas, and hurling them out to the huddled masses yearning to be free of Obama and his coterie of sycophants. Well, I don't know about youse guys, but I have written a line or two in my PJs early in the morning while waiting for Mrs Войска ПВО to relinquish the shower and bathroom for my morning ablutions.

..and, as for huddled masses, I'm still waiting for some scrap of lunacy typed at this site to go viral but am not prepared to advocate armed insurrection (yet). Meanwhile, a hardy few stop by and read my circumlocution and tolerate my tortured metaphors. Two such brave adventurers are "LL" and Madame Opus #6 who have been, in kind posts, supportive and the epitome of gentlemanly and gentlewomanly conduct.

And it is to those two I wish to express my admiration and gratitude.

You see, I had the distinct pleasure of lunching with them this past Friday and, I can safely say, that my only disappointment was that the time was far too short. Aside from that, it was a distinct thrill to meet fellow warriors in the Army of the Long March to November 2012.

"LL" is truly a fearsome and impressive individual whose background includes participation in three prominent federal organizations whose charter is the welfare and safety of this country. He authors several blogs: Virtual Mirage, one discussing U.S.-Mexican border Security, and My Journey. All three are entertaining and worth a visit.

Opus #6 is a very charming young lady who is the author of the MAInfo blog cited on the left over there. I find myself visiting there often, if only to take in the magnificent picture that comprises her banner art. But, believe me, her posts -- like LL's -- are instructive and entertaining.

The significance of this for me, was to place faces, voices, personalities to the sobriquets we all trade in. It immediately became clear the joy that bloggers derive from congregating in PACs, CPACs, WCPACs, political conventions, beer hall gatherings, etc. While we can post our hopes, dreams, frustrations, joys, sorrows, and thoughts from the privacy of our basements (in our pajamas), it is quite exhilarating to actually share ideas and concepts face-to-face.

I am so very grateful to these two for sharing their afternoon with me. I look forward to many more such get-togthers.

That being said, we spoke of the possibility of meeting with other bloggers in the Southern California area who might like to assemble for evenings of swapping stories, tall tales, political planning, and technical tidbits. If it interest you and you are geographically located, we should make plans. I am not sure what we will accomplish, but perhaps if we brought neophytes to the meeting, we might encourage them to start blogging. I know for certain that we will be needed next year and in 2012.

So, thanks again for lunch, LL and thank you very much for your company and suggestions, Opie. Next one is on me and I'm hoping we can make it some evening after work.

..my treat! 


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Being on the right coast, it would be difficult to meet up with you on the left coast, but will love hearing about any future get togethers.

  2. Voyska PVO, the pleasure was mine. It was very nice meeting such a fine gentleman as yourself, and it was wonderful listening to you and LL bounce war stories off of each other. I set great store by the brave men who labor in service to our country and our veterans.

    I love encouraging new bloggers and it would be fun meeting any new or experienced bloggers the next time we get together. Thanks for a stimulating lunch.

  3. Madame Lady (sorry, I could not resist), you cannot know what a joy it was to meet with LL and Opie. For the most part, those that can put more than one coherent sentence together in a blog post or a comment will be very entertaining in person because you can have a non-Hannity-esque conversation and savor the nuance of opinion and views.

    That is not a gratuitous slam on Hannity (well, actually, I guess it is), I just meant that a staccato repetition of talking points does not a cohesive argument make. Sean is good at what he does: reeling in the folks who just despise this administration on a gut level and need confirmation of their anger. Hell, I admitted to Opie that I tune in the first ten minutes of his show to get a contact high.

    Oops! I have hijacked my own thread here!

    I have a son going to USMC MOS 2171 school at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. He is due to graduate in late March and my wife and I are contemplating a trip out there to spend some time with him before coming home. I had threatened Track-a-'Crat with some face time whilst in D.C. and wonder if your are anywhere close to there?

    Otherwise, if you evah plan to hit L.A., let us know and we will set something up.

    Guaranteed, you will enjoy LL and Opie!

    By the way, I am sincerely grateful to you as you were one of the first commenter on my pathetic blog ~~ he said, in a desperate effort to curry praise.