October 31, 2009

Scuzzy-Fava takes the pipe in NY23..

Breaking news.
The slimebag-ette didn't even endorse Hoffman when she skated. (See below.) Also, the comment thread on the cited Politico article is instructive. There's a lot of sour-grapes Democrats vaccinating themselves against the potential loss of the Dem against Hoffman:
Let this be a lesson to all of you. Moderates are only welcome under the big tent of the Democratic Party. The GOP is only for birthers and fanatics, and is only effective when idealogically pure and in the minority opposition. (Any republican who says this episode is good for their cause is positively delusional. Dem operatives are smiling today...)

Posted By: Big Tent | October 31, 2009 at 11:08 AM

..freaking typical!

You can just bet that the whiners will be out in force if the GOP (read: conservatives) win a trifecta smackdown next Tuesday!

I gotta get with the grandkids in a few minutes, so my time is understandably limited. For a really good on-the-spot-breakdown of this event head over to Left Coast Rebel; he's got some great commentary and links.

Update: Here are a couple of news flashes courtesy of Hot Air:
Update: I had neglected to review the poll in much detail, but I suspect that Scozzafava’s withdrawal (or suspension, more accurately, since her name will stay on the ballot) hurts Bob Owens tremendously. According to the poll, Hoffman had attracted 50% of the Republican vote, while Owens had 2/3rds of the Democrats. Hoffman leads Owens among independents, 40%-35%, and the remaining 15% supporting Scozzafava will almost certainly break more towards Hoffman than Owens. Owens will likely get more of Scozzafava’s Democratic supporters, but she only had 11%, while 14% have already gone to Hoffman. Hoffman and Owens had a near-even split of the opposition in Scozzafava’s regional stronghold of Jefferson/Lewis/St. Lawrence counties, but I’d be surprised if Hoffman didn’t pick up more in those areas of disaffected Scozzafava voters, too.

Hoffman now has the default Republican endorsement with Scozzafava’s retreat, as well as all of the late momentum.

Update II: Dave Weigel reports via Twitter that “Hoffman activists are heading to Scozzafava’s HQ to convince her to make an endorsement.”

Update Update: This courtesy of Left Coast Rebel  via The Other McCain:

UPDATE I: Stacy McCain actually broke this story unbeknownst to me, ( I should have checked his site right when I woke up this morning). Stacy proves again what the 2 'ines can do for a bloggo-reporter,(nicotine and caffeine). Stacy has news that Scozzafava will actually throw her support to Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman. 

Update Update Update: That courageous hunk of conservative bravery, Mike Huckabee, took some time out from pounding the bass with the Little Rockers to direct that someone over on his PAC blog issue this passionate statement of his support for Hoffman:
October 31, 2009 - 02:50 PM
Statement on Doug Hoffman
by Huck PAC
 We commend Dede Scozzafava for stepping aside and in light of her very unselfish announcement, we join the RNC and other Republicans in urging support for Doug Hoffman.

.."Statement on Doug Hoffman"? Puh-leez! Someone remind me to do a bag-job post on Huckabee. I think I have a working title: Why backing Huckabee is like eating a can of Crisco" 


  1. Ooooeee! Those grapes are SO sour! I didn't want to win ANYWAY! NYA! (dem imitation)

  2. ..ain't this just grand! LCR was all over this in the early AM and I was hanging on every post!

    Like I said, if this comes off, it will be great to listen to these folks piss and moan. But, you want to pray that they rationalize the results away in their minds. The best thing going would be for them to perpetuate the echo chamber about how wonderful "TEH WON" really is.

    Then, the shock that I am sure will eventuate in November 2010 will just be overwhelming.

  3. J-,

    Not to worry, dear friend, enjoy the weekend. Right now, AP and EM are happily screwing with their readership by playing "who's gonna get the Scuzzy-Fava votes" and there's a lot of contradictions to untangle if one wants to expend the energy.

    Me? I'd rather just wait until Tuesday Evening and see what eventuates.

    Besides, you know my sentiments. Like I said to Opie, as long as liberals think the 'Fava vote is going into the Owens column, then they'll be sitting on their hands. I'd rather be on the side of the motivated (and angry) voters.

    Hope your wife will be entering that fantastic pic in some photo contests. It's a stunner. If you do a layout of her stuff, I'll steal one and post it hear with boatloads of attribution and links so my meager followership can get over to your site.