October 26, 2009

Obligatory, "Me Too" Post on the Dithering POSOTUS

Late to the dance -- Mrs Войска ПВО is feeling under the weather, so i am stuck with nursing duties -- but I wanted to call out the excellent efforts of my comrades and comradettes to point the long, bony finger of blame at the Pantload-in-Chief, who hooks, slices, and putts while our brave men keep their head down over in Afghanistan.

MAInfo, The Goomba News Network, and Track-a'Crat all have great commentary on this horrible lapse in judgment by our Boy King.

Sadly, today, 14 our our own were killed in two helicopter crashes in Obama's "right war". I hope to crap he was able to card a good score out there on the links.

God bless and keep those brave young men and their families..

..and God Damn him to Hell!

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