October 28, 2009

Войска ПВО's feeble attempt to describe POSOTUS popularity with Atomic Theory

O.K. first go here and read this!

I'll wait 'till you come back.


Oh! You're back! Great! Well, did you understand all of that? To be honest, me neither but that's beside the point. I had to get some time to put my crappy theory together. But, for the sake of our discussion, it says pretty much that the electrons that orbit around the nucleus of an atom (you know, that glob in the middle with the protons and netrons) and don't all crowd together in one ring but rather, like the moons of Jupiter and Saturn have their own orbits. Well, actually is says that electrons share an orbit or ring with another electron or two and when another electron shows up in that ring, one of the electrons gets kicked up to the next ring. I think it also says that there are only two electrons allowed in the inner ring (kind of an exclusive club, I guess) and there are four in the next and the next and then there are two in the next, and so on..

.. but I can't swear to that because I slept through that physics lecture. Heck, I never understood physics anyway. I mean, what's all this fuss about hauling a bucket of water up a ladder, anyway?

But I digress.

Anyway, sometime when you get a chance, head over to the Rasmussen POSOTUS Daily tracking poll and check out how our Boy King has been drifting lower and lower in the eyes of your fellow countrymen. Notice that his daily "strongly index", the percent of people who strongly support Obama less versus the percent of those who strongly oppose him, seems to be like an errant electron: slipping from orbit to orbit.

I mean, you will note that this index - once it slipped into negative territory - wobbles around -3 to -5 and then kicks up to -7 to -8 and, now, hovers around the -10 to -13 range. But, I guess that has to do with the fact that this Rasmussen poll is a three-day moving average and all that.

But the trend I am noting is that, once the Pantload-in-Chief slips out to that next orbit, it is damned near impossible for him to revert to the previous orbit. Maybe if he talks the NFL into putting on free football games and starts throwing bread to the crowds, he might notch himself up a point or two. But the way he's going, it's pretty much The King's New Clothes here and that damned kid has just blurted out to the crowd that Obama's parading around in his boxers.

And the mob ain't swooning over the glistening man-boobs no more.

Pretty soon, this guy will be out there hanging out with Pluto (which, by the way, is no longer considered a planet) and will be freezing his ass off.

O.K., I didn't say I was a scientist. I mean, what can you expect from a Biz Ed major from UCLA..

..who fell asleep in statistics class too. 


  1. Dude, I simply love POSOTUS, why didn't I think of that?....

  2. Thank you. You are hereby granted the non-exlusive right to use it wherever you see fit without attribution or credit being given.

    I also grant similar permission for you (and all blogdom) to use Pantload-in-Chief and The Boy King -- other terms of endearment which I have dreamed up for Obama.

    However, you will have to consult with TexEd, PJM contributor, for the privilege of using Chimpy, The Kenyan as that was his invention.

  3. How about Pantywaist? Chimpy is getting a bit close to the 'race' thing for me personally.....

  4. I agree; it was consigned to the scrap heap by me some time ago. Probably when I realized that hurling epithets tinged thusly was a needless exercise in gratuitous name-calling. And, yes, it is painfully close to garnering cries of racism. But, then again, almost any critique hurled at that incompetent sack will draw those mindless ripostes from the thin-skinned left.

    Thus, I limit myself to the aforementioned POSOTUS and P-I-C.

  5. Good policy - I have refrained an bit as of late at the hurling of epithets as you say....turning to a more distiguished subtlety as in:

    He, Leader,the One;

    Using caps where they are not necessary, distinguishing a Dear Leader quality....

    BTW, I love the flowery rhetoric-language that you display. Linked you on the Arnold F-U post too....

  6. Voyska,

    POSOTUS is inspired. I've no idea what the pic, but look forward to the explanation nonetheless...