October 5, 2009

More Numbers

Mary Katherine Ham, my heart throb and "fellow ham" (I am k6whp; it's an inside joke) wrapped up the Conservative American Dream Summit and, during her speech, offered the following absolutely shocking statistics about the documented acts of violence at the 450 or so by attendees to this past August and September's Town Hall meetings.

Turns out there were four slaps, one shove, three punches, one sign grabbed, one solved act of vandalism, and one unsolved act of vandalism. And, here is another stunner: of the eleven acts above, seven were perpetrated by liberals versus conservatives.

Compare and contrast with the recent G20 meeting in Pittsburgh where rocks and bottles were thrown at police, barrels were rolled down the streets, windows were smashed in, and 66 were arrested.

Kinda reminiscent of the recent dichotomy between the mall in Washington D.C. after the 9/12 demonstrations and the inauguration ceremony for The WON back in January.


  1. She's never gonna score any publicity points in modern America until she takes off her shoes and flings them at someone's head. Perhaps she could belittle the crowd with a string of profanities. She needs an agent.

  2. Mary Catherine Ham is a regular on O'Reilly. She must already have an agent because she is famous.

    She is one of the better blogger/talking heads, so I don't blame you for your crush.

  3. Oh. I get it now.

    My dad is big into ham radio. I think he has the largest antenna in his neighborhood. Folks might think he is running a legit radio station out of there.