October 3, 2009

Greta Van Sustern's interview of Thomas Eagleburger

I am becoming a big fan of Greta Van Sustern these days. One finds the terminally self-referential O'Reilly to be a wearying exercise in listening to an egotist bloviate about himself almost as much as our POTUS. Hannity is fun, but a incessant ticking off of talking points that, for a 60 minute show, can also become tedious. The only challenge after taking in the first 10-minute rush of Obama's daily stumbles is to determine who the token lib will be on his panel of great-great-great Americans. If it's Bob Beckel, it engenders an almost-wrist-breaking reflex to remote the show into digital oblivion. Though, to be sure, Bob's brother is a breath of fresh air and to see both of them go at it should become a regular feature of Sean's show. (Hint, hint, Sean.)

Of course, the sad thing is that Chris Wallace only appears on Sundays. But, alas, a nightly show of his keen, insightful interviewing and relentless prodding would be like going on a diet of chocolate sundaes: delightful at first, but deleterious to one's taste buds and health.

But Greta is a jewel! She was a women I used to loathe when she came out in defense of O. J. Simpson many years ago and, to be sure, she has (or had) some liberal tendencies. But, like Wallace, she hides her political proclivities with great skill. Or, perhaps not. But both come down hard on the incompetent, the bumbling, the ridiculous, and the absurd who try to foist off their inanities on the good people of this country. They are a pleasure to watch and I revel in Greta's current incessant advocacy of common sense in government. Also, it is fairly impressive that the hoists that copy of HR 3200 aloft often on her shows. You know the one I am talking about. The one festooned with post-it notes. The document that actually looks like it was read. I mean, she is no stevedore.

On the basis of that alone, I would be enticed to vote for this woman should she run for office.

And, in fact, I have voted for her because I have set my TIVO (or whatever passes for TIVO with my ComCast Cable service) to record her nightly. She is a delight to watch and this past Friday's show was no exception. So, after all this buildup, the point of this post is I want you to watch her interview with Thomas Eagleburger, former SOS under George Bush the First. It's a pretty searing indictment of the current administration and Obama's behavior:

Sure, he's an operative of a Republican president and is not likely to cut a Democrat some slack. But he did say some nice things about that goofy guy we all came to know and love in the 90s, Bill Clinton. And he did work for other administrations as a minor luminary, like the-now-second-worst-president-in-American-history, Jimmy Carter. So I take this guy seriously and think he's nailed Obama.



  1. I spoke with LL yesterday and he would be interested in joining us for lunch. This coming week is full up, but would the following week work for you?

  2. ..wow! You are sure up early on a Saturday. But I guess that's par for the course if one has a full roster of young 'uns as you do.

    I would be delighted, however, my son is finishing up at the USMC SOI Pendleton that weekend and will be headign our to Maryland for 33 weeks of MOS school.

    (All these acronyms sure sound impressive, don't they?)

    If you will send me an e-mail at voyskapvo@yahoo.com, I can respond with contact information and we can get together. I would love to meet with you and LL!

    Kindest regards,

    Войска ПВО

  3. ..Argh! headign == heading, of course!

  4. Sorry, all things Faux, suck.

  5. JC NBO, quite moderating, lets these posts through without big brother breathing down our necks.

  6. I finally got a chance to listen to the vid. Good interview. I, too, am more impressed with Greta lately, and am still working hard to get over my OJ grudge.

    I think what he was saying, in a nutshell,

    Obama=empty suit.

  7. Hey, O. J. is NOT part of the equation and that was her position as a defense attorney back in the day. Fortunately that stiff is doing what amounts to a life stretch (if we're lucky) and will not be back on the streets until he begins his dirt nap.

    I cannot wait until the MSM (a.k.a., Knee-pad Media) tires of him and they throw him away like a used Kleenex.

    Boy, the recriminations expressed will make Clinton fatigue seem like a minor case of the blues.

  8. Reaper, I am sorry. I had a case of some particularly nasty and gratuitous comments a while back and you (as well as other folks) suffer as a result. I appreciate your enthusiasm and value your opinions. I promise to publish them ASAP. Be advised that the approval mechanism preserves the order of post so yours will be timely and sequential.

  9. NBO, comon, this is America :-). Maybe you need to lighten up a little so as not to light someone elses fuse so they go crazy with their comment. You can always delete later, if it's that bad. I can't think of any lefty sights that moderate, and can think of a ton of right wing sights that do. Ironic eh?

    And just to let you know, left leaning sites are boring, as I agree with them more, so I frequent them less. Ironic eh?

  10. Actually, Reaper, the comments cannot be deleted. In fact, I cannot edit my own comments (like this one) if I make a mistake. So you can be sure that I proofread mine carefully, looking for their-->there, hear-->here type of goofs, etc.

    I want to assure you, short of a blue, pointless rant, stuff gets published. I am very honored that you have come back again and again under these circumstances. I value your opinion because I feel we can air our differences in a civil manner and, as I said, you have more to contribute that a mere "Cons suck!". I would like to begin a thread on snipers like Zaytzev or Carlos Hathcock, etc.

    I also would love to hear of your Air force experience if I am not too presumptuous.

    And I agree blogs that cleave to one message ("Hate Palin", "Hate Dems", etc.) become tedious. But, as for left-leaning sites that moderate, try HuffPo and (most recently) Little Green Footballs.

    People get thrown off there for the slightest (or unknown) transgression.

    If you would like to engage in a post, you are most welcome to contact me off line at voyskapvo@yahoo.com and send me your text. I will present it proofread and with attribution if you keep within the bounds of decorum and want to engage in debate with other visitors here.


    Войска ПВО

  11. NBO, JC, regarding "In fact, I cannot edit my own comments (like this one) if I make a mistake. ",

    I have "blogspot" sites I go to that I can delete my user comments if I like. And I sometimes do delete them (whenever I have a little too much VO). And I know for sure the blog host can delete any comments any time he wants (not sure about editing, probably not).

    Plus there is something going on on with your site, as I am logged in as Reaper, via Google, but I never get emailed when a comment is added.

    For some reason that Zaytzev movie haunts me, as I did a lot of hunting in AK. I guess that's the reason?

  12. "But, as for left-leaning sites that moderate, try HuffPo"

    I read that site all the time but never comment. They are becoming really big.

  13. I shall look into that..check out my new post on soaring.

  14. "I shall look into that..check out my new post on soaring."

    I did, and especially like the girl at the beginning of the second film.

    Flying was nice also.

    I like flying performance kites on the beach. Very relaxing.

  15. very relaxing == very exhilarating :-)


  16. I have been moderating comments before I got political. It was a crazy relative of mine that caused me to start, believe it or not.

    I like the total control over content. No hijacking allowed. Or anybody could come on at 1am and leave a comment up for 6 hours to say ANYTHING. I have worked too hard to give content control to others. If people write and disagree politely, I do publish. And that enriches the discussion, usually bringing posters back again and again and the comments section gets longer and longer. I do appreciate the left-wingers, when they behave.

  17. Well said. Reaper does have a lot to say and I would like to have him discuss subjects in a couple of areas apart from politics. You would appreciate this because of your friendship with LL, the former Navy Seal (and the sentiments you expressed about warriors).

    I think I pointed out how Blogs for Bush and Hugh Hewitt's old got taken over by people hijacking threads and making gratuitous comments laced with offensive and puerile remarks.

    I do not mind a "well-aimed" S-bomb or even an F-bomb in context. But I would like to limit this because ladies like yourself stop by and, well, that is just no gentlemanly behavior. Besides, it does not move the ball forward if used in a juvenile sense.

    Reaper and I -- as I recall -- got started over on Track-a-Crat's blog by hurling monosyllabic posts at each other and then, to his credit, he made an overture over here concerning Mig-29s and related topics and we have entered into the discourse you see above. I enjoy his remarks.

    By the way, I am certainly not guiltless in this area either. Looking back, I make far too many scatological references and aim to cut back. (I reserve the right to retain the reference to Obama as Pantload-in-Chief and award the "Steaming Load of the Week" award. But then again, it's my sandbox.

  18. In all fairness, I believe there was a scatological reference in the limerick I wrote. {blush}

  19. Too late! You already won. Your prize is on order from Amazon and you'll have to attend the awards banquet at Silky Sullivan's to receive it.