October 1, 2009

Limerick Contest Alert..

Madame S. Weasel started out a post on Dan Rather with her incredible photoshopping effort. The victim is our beloved ex-CBS News commentator, Banana Dan Rather. (Weasel's work is at the right.)

Happily this dreary sad sack has been cast aside and a potential limerick contest is in the offing. Well, at least I am trying to goad her into that. But, what the hell, if she doesn;t pick up the gage (cf. Ivanhoe), then I'll start one over here.

I am serious about this and throw it open to all. I will offer a suitable prize for the best effort; you know something special for the mantle or framing or the like.

So let fly.


  1. There once was a man named Dan
    who hailed from a liberal clan.
    He tried to hurt Bush
    but his plans were all mush
    and then the sh*t hit the fan.

  2. Madame,

    You have surged into the lead. Should you win, you will receive a free round at Silky Sullivan's in Fountain Valley.