October 27, 2009

Fox News Cleans House thanks to POSOTUS

First: on the Eastern Front, a real no-brainer when it comes Obama's war on Fox News: FNC ratings have skyrocketed by 10%  But there are some other interesting results over in the cable news arena. It seems that CNN has sunk to the bottom of the bowl and is about ready to get flushed.

Reading between the lines in the article cited by the second link, one sees how much FNC wipes the floor with the other two dish rags, MSNBC and CNN. Consider my old friend Billy O'Reilly versus the field:
CNN’s performance was worst in the 8 p.m. hour. Bill O’Reilly on Fox News continued his long dominance with the biggest numbers of any host, 881,000 viewers. Mr. Olbermann, with his first-run program, was second with 295,000. Close behind was the first edition of Ms. Grace’s show with 269,000. Campbell Brown on CNN trailed with only 162,000. 
That he is kicking the crap out of the talking piece of garbage, Olbermann, by almost a three-to-one margin is sweet music to me. As I said, I don't like O'Reilly; I did NOT say others did not. I repeat my assertion: O'Reilly and his insufferable independent stance probably does more to Hoover up more new viewers of Fox that any other opinion show host.

But the hits keep on coming: I am just ecstatic over Greta Van Sustern's success (emphasis added):
Mr. Cooper had 211,000 viewers to 223,000 for Mr. Olbermann’s repeat. That meant Mr. Cooper finished fourth and last in the 10 p.m. hour because, besides being well behind the leader, Greta Van Susteren, who had 538,000 viewers, he was also beaten by a repeat of Nancy Grace’s 8 p.m. show on HLN, which averaged 222,000.
I adore her because she does it without the egocentricity of O'Reilly and staccato delivery of canned talking points of Sean Hannity.

But all of that being said, the audience figures for Fox versus the rest of cabledom (and the other networks, for that matter) sure speaks volumes about where America is turning to get its news and opinion fix.

And they haven't even started with Stossel yet.


  1. "I am just ecstatic over Greta Van Sustern's success"
    GD, is that Greta? Major surgery. I barely recognize her. Too bad words don't carry very far without pretty.

  2. Ray, babes, noney, sweetie..

    ..Google Greta and face lift and you will find that she had it done years ago. But, her new good looks notwithstanding, I like her for her hard work, lack of ego, and the fact that she is among the most balanced commentators on Fox, up there with Wallace.

    Of course, she does not do the piercing interviews that Wallace does, but she is a lot better at the political stuff than she was when they had her doing the National Enquirer/missing coed beat.

    That was thoroughly beneath her dignity.

  3. Loves me some Stossel. I been watching his work for years.

  4. Bonc, generally, you must admit that Faux is unbalanced news reporting?

  5. “Our soldiers are not to blame. They’ve fought incredibly bravely in adverse conditions. But to occupy towns and villages temporarily has little value in such a vast land where the insurgents can just disappear into the hills.” He went on to request extra troops and equipment. “Without them, without a lot more men, this war will continue for a very, very long time,” he said.

    These sound as if they could be the words of Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top American commander in Afghanistan, to President Obama in recent days or weeks. In fact, they were spoken by Sergei Akhromeyev, the commander of the Soviet armed forces, to the Soviet Union’s Politburo on Nov. 13, 1986.


    Hey Bonc, aren't we glad that a democrat, Charlie Wilson, defeated the USSR in Afghanistan? RayGun didn't even know about the secret arms shipment to the Mujaheddin until long, long, after the fact.

    And Charlie could put a fish's drinking to shame.(I say there's power in booze). Didn't most of the great Russian writers like a little drink?

  6. Bonc, does your wife know you are in love with Greta, (on different levels)?

    Have you ever watched "Whatever Works"?

    The movie says it all.

    Oh Gd I am going out on a limb...

    No on gets that movie.

  7. Ray,
    My wife knows I am NOT in love with Greta. My wife knows I am in love with Megyn Kelley and she's o.k. with that because my affair with Ms Kelly is discreet and the money I am paid for squiring Ms Kelly around the Big Apple is more than enough to ensure our (my wife's and my) financial security in my dotage.

    Allen's movie, "Whatever Works", doesn't.