October 6, 2009

I'm not a doctor, but I play one at Obama's Presser..

Over in Hot Air's Green Room is a great post  -- Lab coats required -- which gives us a peek back stage at the White House's little soirée with the 150 docs from all over the land flocking to hear the Pantload-lin-Chief flap his gums about health care.

Of course, to give it a more realistic appearance, all the docs and doc-ettes were asked to wear their lab coats. Presumably, extra points were given if you brought that chest-listening-thngy that you use. You know, the, um, uh, stehoscope. Yeah! that's it! And one can only surmise that cherries were put on top of the sundaes of those who wore those light-reflecting doo-dads on their heads and brought their own actual doctor bags.

Forget your coat? No problem! We'll have a pert little staffer-ette handing out spares for the upcoming photo-op.

Of course, this begs the question, what did the White House crew do for the empty seats during a wide-angle shots? I mean, they had a bunch of helpers and some extra jackets? 

So, if you're a gardener at the White House yesterday afternoon (no, not you, Chauncey) and you're pressed into service for a picture or two to fill out the crowd, does that make you a tree doctor?  

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  1. They are SO busted. Handing out lab coats indeed! Talk about astroturf docs.