October 9, 2009

S.L.O.W. for this week asks, "10 Days?"

Warning! Scatological references in the road ahead!

I am still reeling over the announcement that our beloved pantload has garnered the Nobel Peace Prize. While my initial reaction was one of incredible shock and surprise, it is clear that this will take some time to sink in.

On one level, it's great news because I was casting about for a follow-up to the previous week's award and wondering how to work the truly tragic topic of our soldiers losing their lives in Afghanistan because this flouncing Nancy waltzed off to Copenhagen to get rebuked by the IOC. It would have been a repeat of the award topic and could turn out to be sadly inappropriate and disrespectful to our brave men and women in the armed services.

But, lo, there do I see the wonderful Euro-Commies coming to my rescue in presenting their cheap, valueless trophy to our cheap, valueless leader. (And I use the term "leader" very loosely.) So I am going with presenting my award to the clowns who present their award to the clowns who tear down this world in the name of peace through their questionable accomplishments. You know, Carter, Gore, and now the Head Butt-wipe.

Congratulations fellas, this turd's for you.

By the way, I reserve the right to re-cast this post as the realization and nuances sink in. I mean, this is the gift that keeps on giving and I am sure that man-days of blogosphere effort will be devoted to dissecting this worthless bestowal of dubious recognition. So be prepared for updates.

Finally, I have just one question. If the deadline for the Nobel Peace Prize is February 1st of this year, then what did Barry do in the ten days following his inauguration until the polls were closed? I am guessing the following:

(1) Being black
(2) Not being George Bush
(3) Getting elected

UPDATE: The first of many, I am sure. I may be as saturated with ego and the POSOTUS (you figure it out), but I wonder which award has more relevance: Steaming Load of the Week or the Nobel Peace Prize?


  1. ..and it's less objectionable that the actual picture. That was - ahem - a little too strong visually.

    Apart from that, this event will prove to be a veritable treasure trove of comedic opportunities in the days, weeks, months, and..yes..even years to come.

    You were probably in swadding clothes during the 70s (if that), and probably do not remember the attack of the killer rabbit, the malaise speech, the jogging pratfalls, Billy Beer, the countless SNL skits (back when SNL was funny), or many of the other bumbling hallmarks of the failed Carter Administration.

    ..yeah, it'll be like that.

  2. I'm not that young. I swaddled and toddled in the 60s.

    I remember Belushi and Steve Marting getting big on SNL, though I rarely stayed up that late.

  3. I'm wondering if Gen. McChrystal gagged when he heard this news?

  4. Well, the sad thing is that this will mean that he won't be getting his reinforcements and that the folks there will be facing a greater risk. But look on the bright side: we have a wonderful POSOTUS who will be spending the remainder of his time in office squiring his wife around on shopping trips ($6,000 purses, $500 sneakers) and dates (at $45,000 a clip in NYC).

    Doesn't that just make your little heart glad?