October 1, 2009

Thursday night pissed [off] rant..

I pretty much posted this rant as a comment over at The Illustrated Conservative -- my main insiration's blog. You have to drop by there; CJ comes up with the greatest insights couched in the most succinct posts.

Tonight his subject caused me to lose it with this Pantload of a POTUS we have. Our jobless claims keep clipping along at 500K+ per week and Obama takes his main squeeze and her chubby TV-host lady friend (who shilled for him on an affternoon talk show) to Denmark for an all-expenses-paid boogie to hook up two sets of crooks: the IOC and the Daley administraton.

What's the math on this? Well, lessee, we just dropped 550K jobs and God knows how much stimulus that would have generated (easily one billion bucks) into the toilet in order to get some slime-bag, puss-filled, bribe-taking pols together in an orgy that'll probably yield NO MORE THAN 125 million (what the L.A. Olympics raked in) and about 36,000 jobs (what the Salt Lake City Olympics raked in).

Meanwhile, how many kids have given their lives for their country in Afghanistan while you slam down the crepes and bourbon with your friends and continue to shine on your field commanders?

Priorities? Hello? The guy sucks swampwater. 

You want me to substantiate my stats? You got three choices: (1) go Google it yourself, (2) wait till I get to the bottom of the Jack Daniels bottle and wake up tomorrow morning, or (3) go piss up a rope!


  1. Yes, this whole Denmark thing is a nightmare. And Michelle has the gall to say it is all for the children. Maybe she means herself and her husband.

  2. ..I think she means all of the naive juveniles who voted for her husband.