October 28, 2009

Hometown Boy makes good..

I'd like to thank my good friend and fellow member of the USAF Auxiliary, Kevin "Sky" King for the article on the left. It's kind of a humorous story what with the boycott of businesses making everyone happy and all that. As Яков Наумович Похис (Yakoff Smirnoff) used to say, "Какая страна!" ("What a country!")

But, before you trolls out there get up a head of steam that this is some conservative, anti-Hispanic rant, I just wanted to let you know that the significance for me was that this occurred in the city of my birth. (As I keep telling you, Cj, I am as much a Texan as Hank Hill.)

I am told it is a very picturesque city. I am sad to say that I left after six month as my dad -- a USAAF fighter pilot instructor stationed near there -- was transferred back to the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

I really would like to go back and visit someday, however.

Victoria, Texas County Courthouse


  1. This story gave me a good laugh. Great find!

  2. Wow! Evenin', ma'am. Good to hear from you. You are alert. The ink's not even dry on this post.