October 9, 2009

Is it an inside joke?

I'm guessing this is really an inside joke by the Nobel Committee. MAInfo posts the You Tube video and invites us to listen to the gasps of surprise from the crowd in the room when the announcement was made:

But when I watched this, I immediately caught the guy in back of the announcer who breaks out in a silly-assed grin (at :17 and :22) when Obama is said to be the winner in Norwegian (?) and then in English. It's just creepy.


  1. The response from the white house phone folks at 5-something in the morning was that they thought they had been "punked". This term, I believe, is used to describe bad practical jokes of the like performed by Ashton Krutcher on his cable TV show.

    Perhaps they were right after all. Maybe we are all being "punked" by the igNobel committee.

  2. ..actually, I think there was an aide who said something to the effect, "is this April 1st?"

    Anyway, thanks for turning me on th the video. the guy announcing the award is a socialist tool and the guy behind him with the idiot grins is other-worldly.

  3. I read the same comment, "is it April 1st?"

    This is sad.. ridiculous.. and because of the concept, may very well drive Obama to make some very bad decisions in the near future.

    Shockingly (Opus, I know you'll appreciate this) even Mark Lamont Hill on O'Reilly tonight said he fears this will cause Obama to mismanage Afghanistan, since if we're in a state of war we need to be in it to a point of success, and now Obama may go even more 'peacenik' in his judgments.

    On a different note - I finally took the time to read your original post. You have a very interesting story.

    While I figured out immediately that you were a Conservative, I was indeed originally under the false understanding that you were Russian. After being part of some mutual communications around the blogs, I figured out that your blog is a theme.

    And on that note I must say it is a very interesting theme, and I have enjoyed your posts. I am going to add you to my blog roll, and hope to visit more often, as well as possibly bring some new readers your way!

    Take care...

  4. Solo,

    My thanks for your kind words and comments. The theme is rather risky because of the pervasiveness of Soviet emblems. But I must emphasize that the tone is strictly that found in a couple of Tom Clancy's books (particularly Executive Orders) where he evinces his "appreciation" for former enemies in the Soviet Union and has his Russian president come to Jack Ryan's aid during his (Ryan's) nascent presidency.

    As for the Russian, I am learning and hope to someday master the language but the motivation is to acquire an interesting skill and not some fawming, slavish devotion to now-dead communism.


    I note with interest your story as well. There is nothing more welcome nor more reassuring as a former liberal who has converted. Also, in fairness, there is [almost] nothing wrong with liberalism as a point of view. Leftists are the ones I am truly wary of; screaming, unreasonable, anti-American leftists unable to conduct civil discourse are to be ignored.

    Again, my gratitude for your patronage, I regularly visit your site and find your posts thought-provoking.


    ~Войска ПВО