October 20, 2009

Stuck on 11..

Daily since January 20th of this year, we have been exposed to the idiocy that is the hallmark of this administration. Now, we read about a press conference where Obama's hold-over Secretary of defense, Robert Gates, maintained the following about our mission in Afghanistan:
The United States cannot wait for problems surrounding the legitimacy of the Afghan government to be resolved before making a decision on troops, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said.

Gates, speaking to reporters on board a plane traveling to Tokyo, described the situation in Afghanistan as an evolutionary process that would not improve dramatically overnight, regardless of what course is taken following the country's flawed August election.

..and this about how the Pantload and the FLOTUS are partying 'til dawn when not on the campaign trail or flying to Copenhagen or Denmark or some other Euro-commie capitol to give a speech:
Michelle and Barack Obama sat one table over from J. Lo and Marc Anthony, and all four of them were rocking in their seats as Sheila E. shook the house — well, really the tent.

The latest installment of the White House music series was too big for the East Room, so a high-wattage assortment of Latin musicians sent pulsating, can't-help-but-bob-along rhythms tumbling out of a giant tent on the mansion's South Lawn.

As it happens, music of all sorts — rock, jazz, country, classical — has been busting out of the White House all year long.

It is singularly insulting that this do-nothing postures, preens, and struts through the P/R trivialities that are part-and-parcel of his definition of the office of the Presidency. But to compound this with his failure to act over 50 days after his hand-picked commander of the failing effort in Afghanistan requested reinforcements and more resources.

So, that's it, 282 days after this clown took office, there is no more disgust I can feel from that this guy and his coterie of sycophants can do that will make me have any more disdain for him than i already have. I am officially potted up; dialed to eleven, and pushed over the cliff:

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  1. Hang in there, darlin'. Take a walk, breathe deeply, sit on the beach and watch the waves. We have to protect ourselves from the rage eating up our insides so we don't lose our ability to continue. So make sure to care for your body and soul while we slog through the cr@p that flies out of this administration daily and weekly. We will publicize EVERYTHING we can, and shine the bright light of scrutiny onto these clowns. That is actually a very powerful weapon. We have made great strides against the criminal organization ACORN, through whom these posers wanted to steal the next elections, so be of somewhat good cheer. Onward, troops!!