September 29, 2009

WARNING! Do NOT view close to meal times!

Culled from a related Hot Air! post, ol' Whoopie attempts to absolve "Cornhole" Polanski of his 31-year-old crime using the usual Lib equivocation shuffle. Click below if you dare hear this crap. What I am wondering is how would Goldberg feel if she was partying with Roman and he did to her what he did to the 13-year-old?

Oh God! What a horrible thought!

UPDATE:..who else here thinks this woman (Whoopi Goldberg) reminds you of one of those incoherent bag ladies who sidles up to you at the Albertsons and tries to bum a buck off you for a bottle of Sneaky Pete?


  1. Amazing. What the heck....Whopie doesn't believe it was "rape" rape. Guess it depends on what the definition of "is" is.
    Actually, I can't believe for once in my life I agree with Joy B. (she agreed with Sherry).
    Now I know why I never watch "The View".

  2. Madame,

    It is because you are a wise and considerate person and probably have far more constructive things to do in your life than sit around all afternoon (or even mornings) getting sloshed on Chablis and watching these three fuzzbats beat their gums, expelling gaseous trivialities.


    Войска ПВО

  3. In my neighborhood, the incoherent bag lady stands outside the Circle K and tries to bum a dollar, or at least a cigarette.

    If Whoopi and the gang continue to make such ridiculous statements, their ratings just might tank-tank.