September 10, 2009

Israel forced to cozy up with Russia because of The Pantload?

An item appearing on Drudge today reports that Benjamin Netanyahu made a secret pilgrimage to Russia Monday:
senior Kremlin official confirmed Wednesday to the Russian paper Kommersant that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu did indeed make a clandestine trip to Russia on Monday.
There was a great deal of plausible deniability, massive fits of the vapors, and even some pants wetting by the Israeli press for not having been kept abreast of the PM's absence from the country, but most speculation lays this visit as being necessitated by Russia's recent dealings with Iran:
What is almost as mysterious as whether the trip took place, is what might have been discussed, with speculation focused on Iran, possible Russian arms deals to Iran and Syria, or the disappearance of the Arctic Sea cargo ship - suspected of carrying Russian made S-300 anti-aircraft missiles bound for Iran - that went missing last month.

The trip, if indeed it took place, would not have been the result of an impromptu, emergency decision, since there was already talk among Netanyahu's inner circle during his visit to London and Berlin two weeks ago about a possible visit to Russia ahead of the United Nations General Assembly meeting at the end of the month.
.But ya gotta love it, don't you?. One of our staunchest allies forced into the arms of our former Cold War enemy because the Pantload-in-Chief is butt-smooching all of those camel jockeys?

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  1. ¡VIVA LA REVOLUCION! Estimated two million in attendance!

  2. Cj,

    I was languishing in the salubrious confines of the Angeles rifle range watching my new Marine hurl a ton o' lead downrange with his new California-legal AR-15. Seems the USMC taught him good and convinced me two things will happen in my near future: I will be getting a street-legal AR-15 as well and I will begin reloading my own 5.56 ammunition.

    A couple of more things will eventuate when the good PFC returns to MCT and MOS training: I will cling to the weapons I now hve and will begin a mathematical analysis of all of the algorithms supporting figure you mention. It appears that there are a lot of nervous people in D.C. and the knee-pad media who want to desparately discount that 7-figure number but it just ain't gonna happen!

    You know how they talk about internal polling? Well, one can almost see the beads of perspiration breaking out on the foreheads in the cellars of the White House and the Congressional building. Preliminarily, there are several alarming points to make: (1) this is the tip of the iceberg; the people who took time off to come to D.C. and (2) there were additional, very large demonstrations in Texas, Illinois, California, etc. for those logistically and financially impaired..

    oh, and by the way, how about those like you and me who were either rained out or "otherwise engaged"?

    I see a black cloud on the horizon being the sh*t storm that the Chief Pantload and the idiots in congress would wisely do well to heed.