September 18, 2009

Pantload's Wife Wading into the Fray

Uh-oh, we're in trouble now. We didn't listen to Big Chief Pantload and now he's unleashed his main squeeze on us. Seems that Michelle will be out stumping for the flagging health care plan in an attempt to reverse its code blue status and get it off life support.
So we catch up with our beloved First Lady as she begins her little foray into this crusade by snuggling up with Kathleen "The Sultan of Sneeze" Sebelius before laying down the law to we mortals.

Later, she decides to take a carbon-footprint intensive grocery shopping trip because the White House cupboard was a little bare and, well, we can't get caught short of arugula, can we?

I just got one question; What's up with that belt? I mean, that came from the same place she got her $6,000 purse and the $500 sneakers?


  1. Looks like Kanye West has been here too.

  2. Man, talk about "Rust never sleeps!" The paint wasn't even dry on this post. So much for neither of us having a life, eh, Cj?

  3. She stole that belt off one of my pipes! I'm missing a hose clamp!

  4. Steve, I said I would not dwell too much on this, but your hilarious comment has forced my hand. Over at Track-a-'Crat, there is a marvelous series on M.O. and her wonderful fashon sense (as well as other timely observatons and pictures). It is a must-see series of postings.