September 30, 2009

Blast from the Past

Succinct, poignant, and guaranteed to arouse the BDS among any passing trolls:

Purloined from the Hughniverse Duane's World blog..and my answer is the same as Duane's: Yes, I do!


  1. I actually find myself missing Reagan....He was still President when I enlisted.

  2. Hell, I even sorta miss Clinton. You know it's gonna get real serious when a lot of us start missing Carter.

  3. I am not quite old enough to know if we miss Carter, but I'm amazed at the number of people who have told me that Carter was a walk in the park compared to this guy.

    And compared to Obama, Clinton was a regular Goldwater...

  4. As a person whose trunk has many rings, let me tell you it's about a tie at this point which is to say that Obama has done in three months what Carter took in excess of three years to do.

    Of course, just facing the prospect of looking at these tools in the rear view mirror (as we might be doing with Obama in 2013, God willing) is small consolation. Both will have done irreparable damage this country with their incompetent, interminable meddiling.

    The thought of Obama as a post-presidential "statesman" is a frightening one. I mean, if he screws up this badly now, imagine what will happen when he cavorts about unfettered by the decorum and regulation of POTUS!