September 26, 2009

Just Visiting

I'm getting to like blogging a whole lot. Not just because I can paste together some self-important banalities and stick it out on the internet for everyone to see, but because I have some really, really nice people stop by to leave comments.

And you know what? I get a chance to go visit their blogs and see what nice work they have done.

Having done so, I would like to give credit where credit is due and pass along a good word for those who have had the courtesy to stop by and leave a comment. (And that goes for my pet troll as well.) And I can tell you that these folks have put considerable effort into their blogs and a visit will reward you with a visual feast, joy at reading their posts and their thoughs, and laughter from their humor. Their work is truly of a high caliber and a standard for me to shoot for. I am singularly honored that they have spent some time here to comment.

I started out blogging because of two sites: The Illustrated Conservative and Track-a-'Crat. These fine gentlemen, one from Texas and one from deep in the inner sanctum of our nation's capitol, endured my inane comments until both essentially told me to buzz off and do this on my own. Actually, they are both far too polite to be that direct, but they did encourage me and I am grateful.

And I am no less grateful for the visits from The Wisdom of Soloman who has a site riddled with great commentary and visuals. He also has a side-splitting You Tube of a George Carlin rant about environmentalists that is required viewing by not only you but those priggish, self-important Enviro-Nazis who seek to order our lives from the cars we drive to the toilet paper we use. Old George may have been a liberal but his rants made sense and were eminently listenable.

As a result of nothing but curiosity occasioned from a post by Track-a'Crat, two lovely ladies stopped by and commented. When I visited thwir sites, I was very impressed and recommend you take a look. The mind-boggling picture at the head of this screed was ripped off from the banner of the MAinfo -- another blogger forced to labor in the perdition of liberal surrounds, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. incidentally, can you imagine how obtuse the knee-pad media and our government must be to look at a scene like that and attempt to discount it as a minor assemblage of consevative Nazi racists? The picture is typical of the intersting items that festoon the MAinfo site.

Equally tart and insightful is the work over at Can we keep our Republic?. Her most recent recommendation for Christmas gift-giving will have you stampeding the malls after you stop rolling on the floor with laughter.

As far as totally outrageous pictures and a site created by a guy who I am glad is on our side, head over to Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity. Lightening Steve's a fearsome person with a talent for photoshopping some outrageous images to depict the absurdity of recent politics. He has an iron-hard Curriculum Vitae and I would not want to mess with him. Like I said, I am glad Steve's on our side.

So why is this interconnection and visiting good? Well, aside from the entertainment one derives from seeing others' fine work and reading their opinions, developing our internet voices will go a long way to blunting the waves of media propaganda that will be rolling our way as the 2010 elections heat up. The following I wrote as a comment on a Track-a-'Crat post probably best (albeit melodramatically) sums it up:
It is marvelous that you have achieved the traffic that you have because it is a lesson to all of us that getting the message out can be done. The foibles, absurdities, and abuses that are foisted off on the good citizens of this country do not have to be tolerated. These sites and the alternate media portraying the Town Hall protests, the Tea Parties, and the demonstrations are the modern day equivalent of the Committees of Correspondence that preceded our Revolutionary War.

That bloggers like you -- and those whom you have inspired -- will be ready and in operation will become very important when the thousands of Soros/Emanual/DNC funded trolls are unleashed on the internet next year. The effort put into positing clear, concise, reasonable arguments and conservative opinion will easily help us to deconstruct their pathetic paid-per-post, cut-and-paste talking points. Doubt me? Think of how the honest citizenry have exposed the stupidity and arrogance of our pathetic members of congress at their Town Hall charades this past August.

So get out and visit these folks..

..and start a blog of your own.


  1. You list some of my fav's as well, hopefully I can get up to the 'Crat level of success soon too, we both started near the same of success to you as well, give me a head's up and I can give a shout-out at my site, send some of my readers here. BTW too, I couldn't agree more re: your comment at 'Crat, the trolls are going to be unleashed soon and will invade every one of our blogs, I've already had my run ins with several, it seemed when I started to pick up more readership. Comment moderation is a necessity for me now unfortunately so you may want to consider that down the road too when you kitty gets to be a certain size............'


  2. LCR,

    Understand; this has been addressed. I explained to Reaper, for example that I will tolerate civil discourse but not whacko moonbattery stuff.

    By the way, this was NOT the case with Reaper. His posts have been the epitome of decorum. We have launched into an interesting discussion on guns and gun ownership -- something that we have in common -- and I look forward to his return.

    By the way, from where exactly on the Left Coast do you do most of your rebellion? Kinda looks like Half Moon Bay or someplace up North.

  3. You are too kind with your praise. Thank you so much for the link. I am really wild about the 912 picture, too.

    To set the record straight, though, I reside in CA, which is also a hotbed of liberalism, though not so much in Orange County, So Cal.

    My good blogging friend, LL, set up the Can We Keep the Republic site, and posts virtually all of the posts there. He allows me to guest in when I want, which I rarely do in practice. So LL gets credit for the Chia Obama post. LL is an interesting guy, ex-Navy Seal, and unbelievably tough and patriotic.

    Thanks again for the kind words and blogging friendship.

  4. Madame Opus,

    I was not sparing in my praise and it is well-deserved. I love your two(?) blogs and the picture is a stunner, isn't it? Thank you for letting me use it.

    I am delighted to know that you are in SoCal - as am I (Fountain Valley) - it would be great fun to make your acquaintance in person if there is a chance. It would also be an honor to meet LL as well if he is similarly situated.

    Tangentially, I fear that past posts have been a tad on the coarse side. I will be more circumspect with my language now that I know there is a lady present. Actually, I should have done so earlier as Conservative Lady announced her presence earlier.

    My apologies.

    Keep well and I shall continue to visit. Please stop by anytime.