September 25, 2009

In 2010, we can change the signs..

Just put a new system into production and will probably have a lot of bugs to fix -- which shows you how smart I am to kick off something like this before the weekend.

Anyway, don't feel like writing much now and will be busy later, so i'll let this little beauty do 10,000 words or so for me. You know, a case of life imitating..

..well, er, life.

Like I said, maybe we'll get sufficiently pissed off that we can reverse the seating arrangements in November 2010.


  1. Yes please change the signs and put republicans on the bottom and voters on top.

  2. Cool, I got my first troll! I had wished you were a little more imaginative, but the wit and humor gene is pretty much absent on the liberal genome.

    Thanks for stopping by. I'll reserve a place of honor for your future the bottom stall.

  3. Congrats on your first troll...

    mine was somewhat more imaginative, I believe, but had no courage. Posted as anonymous. At least with reaper you can go pay him a visit back.

    Like the blog.. love the post with the Soviet Anthem over the Obama worshipers. Found you through Candle's page where you posted that link.

  4. Soloman, you are too kind. Of course, the USSR national anthem over-dub was NOT my work; credit goes to the YouTube poster for masterful satire of that mind-numbed, Kumbaya lib paen.

    I do respect Reaper's non-anonymous posting and, if he desires, he is welcome back for civil discourse and conversation.

    Your blog ain't no slouch either. (I like your byline about being a reformed liberal.) I will be a frequent visitor and shamelessly plug your efforts.

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