September 14, 2009

A Great New Blog Resource!

I'd like to call your attention to my blog list over -- if you will excuse the expression -- on the left. There is a link to an absolutely wonderful blog called "Another Black Conservative" whose author does a marvelous job of skewering the Left and presenting a great conservative message. What's even more wonderful is his blog list containing links to yet more black conservative blogs.

But I was always led to believe that that was an impossibility; that the Democrats and the Left spoke for African Americans. That was their province.

Why, who knows? This "Content of one's character" thing just might catch on. I mean, it would be the death of identity politics as we know it. 

Seriously, wander over there and take a look. It is terriffic!


  1. Much thanks for the shameless plug. You got some pretty good Blog Fu going on over here too. Try to hook your blog up with Technorati before the weekend. Peace!

  2. I will go there and check it out. Thanks for dropping my place, I will be returning. Very nice blog you have here, quite vibrant. I loved the Soviet National Anthem/Pledge stuff :)

  3. you're too kind -- and always welcome back. Thank you.