September 27, 2009

An Ordinary Citizen

It seems perplexing to me that we elect such fools and bid them attend our needs by staying within the bounds of common sense, clear thinking, and our Constitution and they continually make a hash of it.

My question is: what cesspool of cerebral vacuity do we reach in every two years to draw them from when we have ordinary citizens like the grandmother at the right writing with such clarity on how to resolve the problems that beset us?

I do not agree 100% with everything Norma White has suggested in her guest column, but I believe that she has a lot of good ideas and they sure beat the crap out of the slime that oozes from either chamber of congress or the White House these days.

Anyone want to launch a campaign to see that this women and the millions like her across the country supplant the occupants of this fetid and festering candidate pool?

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