September 13, 2016

Twenty-five to Life

From BB this morning:

He basically said:

You will see every president, in recent years, literally ages about 25 years. They go gray in just a matter of their first term, usually. This is a product of what? The incredible stress put upon the individual who, every day – well, except for Obama, who only read half of them – but usually every day is given an intelligence brief that would make most people never sleep again.

“The president’s daily briefing is the latest intelligence on what the bad guys are doing, whether it’s Russia, ISIS, North Korea, or what have you,” he explained, adding:

And on top of that, they have to bear on their shoulders the responsibility that there’s always somebody walking within 20 yards of them, carrying the suitcase, the “football,” that allows them to launch a nuclear strike within minutes, should it be required to defend the United States.

“That’s the level of stress. I mean, short of being a brain surgeon, or somebody like, you know, Ben Carson, who has to separate conjoined twins, there really are very few jobs comparable to being the commander-in-chief, when it comes to stress levels,” he concluded.

So, by way of extrapolation, if HRC gets elected, I kind of think she's going to end up like this poor schlumpf:

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