September 8, 2016

Again with the Socal afternoon drive radio..(a rant)

Following up on an earlier post about the desert wasteland that is SoCal AM/PM commute radio, I am feeling mean and nasty and just want to drop a steaming deuce on some of these clowns' parades.

In the morning, we are saddled with the sanctimonious, glib, and truly unlistenable while the afternoon features the bloviating genius (Mark Levin) and Mr Cheeto-Face (Glenn Beck) plus John & Ken, sensationalist pot-and-pan bangers on KFI and John Phillips and Jillian Barberie on KABC. Stir into the mix vacuous sports talks shows with their eternal rehasing of the Colon Krapper-knickers stand-up-sit-down-fight-fight-fight non-controversies (someone just shoot him and let's move on), a former all-news station converted to 24/7 Hindu music (I kid you not), and mile-wide and a mile deep of Hispanic stations pounding out Salsa, Ranchera, and Mariachi.

Some days, I get home and swear I can see bits of my brain leaking out of my ears.

While my fervent hope is that either Levin or Beck (or both) tank so badly in their ratings that they move someone like Larry Elder into do the drive slot. Tah man is fervent, impetuous, driven, and a great listen.

But, that said, this bag job is about one of the aforesaid personalities who has just flat turned me off ~~ and, believe me, I do the same to her!

Jillian "Ben Wa Balls" Barbarie (left) is an otherwise good-looking woman who co-hosts with Phillips on KABC as I mentioned. But, after you get past her looks, what she talks about and how she talks are a distinct member-wilterer. If it has anything to do with sex, she's on it like -- er -- a dog on a bone.


She must be a fucking nymphomaniac!

The Real Deals
At first I thought enticing and a little racy, but then after I realized that this woman has a one track mind, it just got flat boring -- and downright unlistenable. Add to that the fact that her delivery is akin to some post-juvenile crack-whore ingenue and you get the picture: just incessant prattle about boy and girl parts and the conjoining thereof.

My wish is that someone would attach her to the business end of a steam pile driver so the earth will move and she will finally STFU.


  1. Find her and offer her your set of ben wa balls to manipulate...I mean if she's going to do it, it might as well be you as anyone else. You might not want to do anything else with her because she's been passed around as much as Barack's whore mama was.

  2. a fraternity brother once said of Elizabeth Taylor: "I wouldn't fuck that whore with your dick!"

    Yeah, she's THAT off-putting!

  3. I commuted from North Hollywood to Gardena for two years, through arguably the worst traffic in the country. 2 hours each way. I used to listen to the 'Mark and Bryan' radio program, and that was great.

    What happened to those guys?