September 1, 2016

Le Pen est plus puissant que l’épée

O.K., my Frog sucks and it's supposed to be "La Pen". But too good to pass up as is this endorsement by that wonderful conservative voice in France. She ain't hard on the eyes either.

Here is an excerpt formt he BB article with emphasis:

Asked by CNN which U.S. candidate she supports, the Front National leader remarked that “everything but Hillary” would be better for France.

“As far as France’s best interest is concerned it’s, ‘Everything but Hillary Clinton’.

“It’s everything but Hillary Clinton because I believe Hillary Clinton means war, Hillary Clinton means devastation, destabilizing the world, economic choices that would be devastating for my people, geostrategic choices that would lead to global conflicts,” Ms. Le Pen said.

Ms. Le Pen, who is running as the populist, anti-mass migration and Islamisation candidate in the 2017 presidential elections next year, noted similarities between her campaign and Mr. Trump’s.

“What we have in common is that we’re not insiders, we are not taking part in the ‘system’, we depend on no one and do not take our orders from any financial institutions,” she told CNN in the interview taped and released yesterday.

The Front National leader voiced similar sentiments in July, telling Le Parisien: “If I were American, I’d vote everything but Hillary Clinton.”

Ms. Le Pen declared that the Democratic party candidate: “embodies everything the United States could build and export that’s harmful in the world in terms of business model, international choice…”

She then praised Donald Trump’s appeal as a financially independent candidate, as leaked documents are starting to reveal the extent of Hillary’s dealings with foreign and financial interests.

She explained that what appeals to Americans about Mr. Trump is that “he is a free man, in respect of Wall Street, markets, and financial lobbies and even his own party.”

Vive Le Pen!

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  1. Le Pen is likely to replace Pres. Hollande in France. When you consider BREXIT, the coming political revolution in France and a Trump presidency, it would put the globalists and one-worlders back a century and would undo all of their carefully machinated BS including allowing Muslim invasions.