September 1, 2016

Running scared..

Late to the dance tonight, but I am up for the obligatory Zero-One wiz and saw the vapor-locking colostomy bag cabal trying to desperately to spin Trump's visit to Mexico. As we all know, these people are absolutely delusional -- as in what is the color of the sky on the planet where they live?

Were I prone to write comment more, I would just have to say that the Hoover-Vacuum-Cleaner-Bag-wearing broad got woofed twice: she was in the middle of a spate of fundraising appearances and didn't go down to Louisiana to visit the flood victims and, whilst in a coma-swoon, got left at the gate by Trump on the way to see President Enrique Nieto. Here's her tweet on the matter:

Now she's faces with the prospect of trudging down to the Land of Perpetual Amoebic Diarrhea to meet with Presidente Nieto in an obvious "me too" effort or have her non-appearance be labeled as another diplomatic fail.

Also, here's a little hit Google selectivity on the news coverage. I am sure you saw the press conference both men had in Mexico City. It was the height of respect and decorum. Hell, even the afterwards questions were polite and circumspect. But note Google scours up articles whose headlines just *scream* "fair and balanced". I mean, the matter of who would pay was discussed briefly and dispatched in a polite manner as something what would come up again later.

And who does NOT think this "paying for the wall" thing is a red herring? I am sure President Trump and President Nieto can come up with an agreement that will be beneficial for BOTH COUNTRIES and the modest cost of the wall can be attended to out of the renewed cooperation.

But it shows how desperate these woofers are. They jump any time Trump blows the dog whistle,

The people know what the deal is, guys. Win the battles, lose the war, MSM.

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  1. The Mexico visit and subsequent immigration speech in Phoenix were both well done, worked out, Trump looked presidential, and the MSM is foaming at the mouth.

    Which is the pattern that the media has set for themselves. When there is nothing bad to report, the press seizes up --- not unlike their favored candidate.