September 14, 2016

Not making this shit up -- Part Deux and a Half..

A week agor or so, Frau Colostomy Bag ruminated in scripted remarks about HALF of Donald Trump's supporters being "deplorable and irredeemable" and it brought down HALF of the house. Well, it seems that her subsequent health issues and Sunday, 9/11 vapor lock has brought down another half:

I think this is really rich! And, just between us girls, if that evil cunt faceplants and starts a dirt nap tomorrow, nary a tear would roll down my whiskered and haggard cheek. I would probably inquire where they were going to plant the remains, down four bowls of the spiciest chili I can find, a bottle of habaneras, three flagons of Milk of Magnesia and migrate to that location to plant a steaming and fragrant Hershey Squirt on her grave.

..yes, I am in a shitty mood and, YES, I hate the crooked bitch that much.

But, in the future I resolve not to hold back.

1 comment:

  1. Your restraint when it comes to your opinion of Hillary Clinton is admirable, Colonel.

    Assuming that Hillary has Parkinson's disease (check out my website today) or some other neuropsychological disorder, I can imagine all of the people who voted for Obama voting for her. You see, to be progressive is not to care about brain disorders in your candidate of choice. Frankly, I always thought that Hillary was not right in the head. Now we know.

    But in what way would that change the election? That is what we contend with.