September 21, 2016

"Sweet" Lou Dobbs

..having tired of the drivel at FNS and other outlets, I have taken to watching Lou Dobbs *exclusively* in the evenings and skulking around the internet as daily activities permit. I know Lou Dobbs as a source is not exactly old news but I wearied of "spirited, bi-partisan debate" and the other platitudes used to describe the presence of some unhinged, screaming/giggling, sardonic lib moron advocate spewing his or her bile all over the living room floor in front of my 60" Samsung.

To the point: Ed Rollins has been an interesting bellwether recently. At first cynical and uncomplimentary when DJT was running his mouth and stepping all over his dick (so to speak), Rollins can barely suppress a demonic grin here and there as he lauds Trump's performance these days. He REALLY, REALLY loves The Donald and what his campaign is doing.

Also, the incessant gushing -- while clearly the sound track for our DJT echo chamber -- by Dobbs and his panels (all certified Hillary haters/Trump lovers; nary a commie in the bunch) are the perfect balm for the irritations and abrasions of the caustic, anti-Trump elitist manure extant in other outlets.

Weak and Pauline Kaelesque on my part to be sure, but if the diseased, lying, [semi-]ambulatory quivering mass of pig afterbirth that is HRC has got this rigged and WILL triumph in November, then I want to be sitting at a table on the afterdeck of the Titanic, listening to the band play "Closer My God to Thee" and sipping a very dry Beefeater's Martini as the country goes down by the bow.


I didn't think so.


  1. I think that the song you're looking for is "Nearer My God to Thee".... but that aside, Hobbs is cool, and I'm with you on the unhinged progs that they drag onto Fox to rant for the sake of fair and balanced. I fast forward through it these days. The same is true of old blue gums and his pal Hillary. I can't stand listening to them.

  2. Closer..nearer..same diff. (But you are correct.)

    In all the flurry of pressure cooker and pipe bombs, I thought it would be neat if The Lawn Jockey POTUS got his just desserts walking by a dumpster when one went off.

    His lackadaisical attitude, his karma.

    Drinkie poo sometime soon?