September 11, 2016

Death Throes [of a campaign]..

Or is it "rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated" as mark Twain once said?

Events are coming quick and fast here in the first fortnight of September and things ain't looking grand for Frau Colostomy Bag. By the time anyone gets over to this dark and dank corner of the interwebs where I hang out and post my pathetic screeds, this will be old news. But I still post for posterity and to vent and rage and exult.

Frau Colostomy Bag just vapor-locked at the 14th annual commemorative of this tragic event. (It is, for clarity, 15 years ago that this happened.) According one typical narrative:
Hillary Clinton has been rushed away from the 9/11 memorial service in New York as she was feeling unwell.

A video shows the Democrat stumbling and being carried into a van, with aides and security guards on either side.

As she is being helped towards the vehicle, she appears to sink towards the ground, and her team gather closely around her to help her back up.

Her campaign said in a statement that Ms Clinton became "overheated" and left the service early.

Shortly afterwards Ms Clinton emerged from her daughter Chelsea's apartment in Manhattan. A little girl approached her and she was filmed hugging the girl, before smiling and waving to reporters as she walked away.
At first, only verbal/eye witness reports appeared but later video emerged. Below is preliminary, raw footage of her getting loaded into her ambulance van with Syringe Man and her SS detail giving her the heave ho:

There are subsequent videos appearing on FNS and other places with close-ups of her in a dead faint and staggering into the conveyance. The ever-observant Ms War Planner remarked that, if you look closely, you will see that Clintoon is leaning on a traffic bollard before she attempts to get in the van. Of course, later she emerged from her daughter's apartment, smiling and laughing and saying there was no problem.

This, by the way, follows on a "press conference" that she held on Friday prior to her "Deplorables speech", Significant at that press conference was her phlegmatic and drugged demeanor as she stumbled her way through softball questions and then abruptly ended it all by turning on her heel, walking off stage left, and hacking out her lungs behind a column:

But the damage has been done. I told my bride -- after the twin hacking fits of Labor Day -- that ONE MORE EPISODE CAUGHT ON CAMERA betwoen now and November 8th and she was toast. One can chew on this morsel and argue back and forth, but Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has, I believe, issued the most succinct and piquant opinion on this entire episode:

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  1. Progs don't care if she has a grand mal seizure and accidentally pushes the red button. They simply don't care. They will still vote for her by way of a mercy-vote. These pajama boys and girls shy away from micro-aggression and have a safe space to run to if somebody uses a politically incorrect term.

    Comey saved her, the mainstream media saves her every-single-day, and her deteriorating physical condition is apparent to EVERY FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE in the world. Is it Parkinsons, or is it a series of chronic health issues? I'm not a doctor.

    But she wouldn't pass a civil service physical. Thus, she should not be president. And I'd say that if I agreed with her policies. I realize that the two-time election of Barack lowered the bar to the bottom, and Hillary tripped over it.