October 11, 2010

This NOvember, we're coming for you..

I was -- by accident of birth -- a child of the sixties and, although my road led to service of my country and decidedly away from those who clamored for peace ~~ without realizing the price that must be paid for it. Nonetheless, I always appreciated the energy, spirit, fervor, and energy of those who chanted, protested, and sang for peace. (It is, after all, what even we who served our country seek.)

Their voices were impassioned; their desires pure -- for a time.

So now are the voices of us on the right who cry out for fairness, justice, and a square deal for the common man. Our voices rise in protest and -- some beautifully -- rise in song.

I have been smitten by the pure and sweet simplicity of Megan Fox's wonderful song that she posted on You Tube. I stumbled on this earlier and posted her video here. Megan's song haunts me; it is so reminiscent of those ballads of the sixties. It is rough-hewn and heart felt. It at once raises my spirit and makes me melancholy for what should be and is trod upon by an administration who is so consumed by power, they seek to stifle expression.


Herewith are the words and a reprise of the video.

You wanted a change
  You wanted to rearrange
This land of ours that we share
  You said. "Yes, we can; he's our chosen man"

The One with the dream and the plan
  We don't care, we don't know his grades or his transcripts
He's really too cool; went to an Ivy League school;
  He'll get us out of Iraq..
Don't forget he's black, he's exactly what we all need.
  The lame will walk, the oceans recede, your gas tank won't empty,
Your poor will not need, the media love him, they'll give him the push
  And most importantly.. ..he ain't Bush.
We're sure it's the change we wanted.

It's one year later, you look like a jerk,
  15 million folks out of work.
Lots of gas tanks are empty and homes are lost
  And all you can talk about is farcical Frost.
But his poodle's real neat, his pecs are the best,
  He's surfin' and swimmin', gettin' lots of rest..
While the rest of the country is stuck in a mess.
  Was this the change you wanted?

Now Congress is flyin' to expensive locations
  And the middle class is payin' for Nancy's vacations.
Writin' 1,000-page bills that no one can read
  Includin' jail time for us if we refuse to concede.

They're cheatin' and bribin' and stealin' and lyin'
  Not takin' our phone calls or readin' our writin'
Kicked us out of our townhalls, mad fun of our Polos.
  Sent union thugs down to beat up the old folks.
They say that we're fakin'; we're all trouble makin'.
  They tried to to bring us down; but don't forget..
..Scotty Brown.

So, we're marchin' and yellin'
  and we ain't buyin' What they're sellin'.
We're two million strong, stretched like the sea,
  Free Americans makin' history.
Despite the lack of coverage on NBC..

So, if you're willing to hear what I say,
  The only remedy is not far away.
Grab your pitchfork, light that torch.
  Hang that sign in your front porch.

Harry, Nancy, Chucky Schumer, Spector,
  Boxer, RINOs too
This NOvember, we're comin' for you..

Ooooh, November, Ooooh, November, Ooooh, November..

..We're coming for you..

(c) 2010, Megan Fox


October 10, 2010

Don't call her Ma'am, call her ex-senator..

Stool Sample
Fred Barnes, writing in the Weekly Standard, gets it right:

Barbara Boxer under pressure is like a reckless driver in traffic. She’s out of control and extremely careless. “You know, like, I don’t want to go back to the days when thousands of people died every day because they had no insurance,” she declared in a debate in late September. Boxer, as best one could tell, was referring to the era before President Obama’s health care plan was enacted.

If true, at least 730,000 people were dying annually in America for lack of health insurance. (To do the math, it’s a minimum of 2,000 deaths every 24 hours multiplied by 365 days.) That’s a staggering number of people who presumably couldn’t get life-saving medical care because they were without an insurance policy to foot the bill.

But then he usually does.

The article is a must read for as much as it reveals the many, many warts of the incompetent, ineffective Boxer (fractious, and an economic "mental midget") as for some stunning insights into Carly's character. But, Fred's main theme is the train wreck that is Boxer:

..One, in the heat of a reelection campaign, Boxer will say just about anything so long as she can get away with it. And she usually can. Two, she is under extraordinary pressure from Fiorina, by far the strongest Republican candidate she’s ever faced. Three, Boxer is a tough, resourceful, and shrewd campaigner and not too haughty to correct a false statement when necessary to avert trouble.

Often that’s not necessary. Boxer, 69, makes so many dubious, untrue, hypocritical, or outlandish remarks in a single debate that most of them fly by without registering. Thank heaven for transcripts.

And she uncorks some show-stoppers: Boxer claims that Roe v. Wade "was a decision that brought us together" and "Sixty two percent of our people were going broke due to a health care crisis" to cite two that go unchecked and unquestioned by a fawning media and panel of questioners at the debates. She is not only incompetent as a senator, her attitude seems to pour sand into the gearbox of Senate machinations:

On immigration, “we have to stop this arguing,” she said. “We have to come together.” This is odd coming from a notoriously argumentative senator, one for whom the label “bitterly partisan” could have been invented. Boxer was removed last summer as lead senator on the cap and trade bill to clamp down on carbon emissions because she was too fractious to line up sufficient votes.

Fred Barnes -- arguably writing from the right side of the political spectrum but a fair and respected chronicler of the events inside the Beltway -- sums up Boxer's affinity for expanding veracity:
  • The stimulus is creating tens of thousands of jobs in California ~~ where employment went form 10.9% in february 2009 to 12.4% today. Another liberal wet-dream.
  • Ending the war in Afghanistan will be a trillion dollars. Great, Babs, just how do we do that?
  • Reducing the national debt can be helped by “collecting from people who are ripping off the government and other uncollected payments to the government".
  • And the tired old liberal saw, "stopping tax breaks to the millionaires and the billionaires .  .  . that’s almost another trillion."
Barnes' article gives Carly the best chance in 18 years to get this festering piece of liberal sludge -- oh, excuse me, that's Senator festering-piece of liberal sludge --  dislodged from her seat and sent back to her left-wing elitist friends in beautiful Marin County where she belongs:

But if any conservative can win California, it’s Fiorina. And Boxer’s penchant, when under pressure, for saying just about anything may help. “I love the military,” Boxer said in the TV debate. That’s a whopper, both preposterous and laughable. A few more of those may put Fiorina over the top.

I'd say the time is about right.

(Parting note on an inquiring mind: I had heard that Boxer used a stool behind her podium during the first debate with Fiorina. I am guessing that Lisa Benson's cartoon above is perhaps a tacit clue that that was true. Anyone out there confirm this?)


October 9, 2010

It was sad and sweet and I knew it complete..

..when I wore a a younger man's clothes.

Kevin Dujan over at HillBuzz discusses a phenomenon of new "folk songs" arising from the Tea Party/Middle America backlash to the Democrat obscenities being perpetrated on this country. His narrative says it all:

I was seriously not aware of this going on until Chrissy-the-Hyphenated posted an anti-Leftist song in an earlier thread, and it made me curious to checkout what else was out there on YouTube in this vein.

There is a lot of this stuff.

Just regular moms, in their homes, with their guitars, singing about the Resistance to what the Left is doing in this country.

A few weeks ago, I watched the movie “Taking Woodstock”, about what went into putting on the Woodstock music festival, where that generation protested against the Republicans and took up guitars to sing against the injustices they felt in Washington.

Does anyone else see this is now happening to Democrats and the Left?

There’s a clear spirit in the air unlike anything I have seen before…and people are starting to really tap into their creativity to give voice to the thoughts and feelings they are having…their fears…their frustration…their anguish.

This is powerful stuff.

I think it’s just the beginning, too.

If Democrats have lost folk music, they are possibly in more trouble than even I could have ever dreamed possible.
I agree with Kevin and think the song above (as well as the singer) to be sweet, simple, gentle and tart. It is pretty catchy and very singable.

I will post the lyrics one I have them transcribed and will be looking more and more into the genre.

Meanwhile, start humming and singing along!

UPDATE: Here's more..it's kinda good and kinda goes with a little bourbon and beer and good friends, doncha know.


A lady of limitless talent and a treasure..

Carol of No Sheeples Here came up with this wonderful rendition of The Child-Emperor's most recent episode of maladroitness:

..thanks for bringing this to our attention, Carol! It's beautimous!



    Gratuitous Scantily-Clad Woman Picture

October 8, 2010

I heart Bush..

George W. Bush -- our last real president -- spoke at a dinner in Mobile, Alabama night before last promoting his upcoming book Decision Points and raising $400,000 for the University of Mobile. He had some interesting observations about his two terms as president, the most piquant being:

“I loved being your president. But frankly, I’m having the time of my life not being your president,” he said. “I do not miss the limelight. I have zero desire to be in the press. I have zero desire to be on your TV screens. Eight years is enough of that.”

Somehow, that's a heartwarming sentiment from a man who endured such blistering hate and criticism from a maniacal left. I am sure it must cause them to seethe and roil but, as a man once said, the best revenge is living well.

Not only is he living well, he is making some pretty wry observations:

“In 1944, if somebody said that one day Japan and the United States will be working in concert to keep the peace, they’d have called you a hopeless nut,” he said. “But that person would not know what I have learned. That freedom is transformative. That an enemy can become an ally. And if the United States does not lose its nerve, and forget its principle of the universality of freedom, the same thing is going to happen in the Middle East. And some day, a generation of Americans is going to say, ‘thank God this generation did not lose faith in the transformative power of freedom.’”

..and something that the giggling idiot who currently resides in the White House would have not clue one understanding:

“I came to Washington with a set of values. I got those from my faith, my family and where I was raised,” he said. “And that became the cornerstone of my decision-making. You cannot lead a complex organization unless you have a set of principles that are inviolable.”

The more time that is put between those eight years and the more time I have to live through the absolute rampant incompetence and buffoonery on display in Washington since Bush's departure, the more I miss this good, quiet, decent man.

Yes, even for the warts and bumps we experienced during his second term, I believe he will go down in history as one of the better of our presidents -- except among those intellectuals who continually rate bumblers like Carter up near the top and relegate Reagan at the bottom despite economic and empirical evidence to the contrary.

Me? I kinda think the pictures below say it all about Bush versus The Child-Emperor metrosexual perpetual golfing vacationer:

For that matter, How about Bush, Reagan, and Captain Kick-Ass:

..'nuff said. God bless you, President Bush.


Waste no rant..

Reuters redacted the "Unexpected" adverb in their article on the new unemployment figures. This *really* shows how sensitive even Reuters is about the conservative blog observations that they would redact the "U" word. I commented on this (as if you care) to the effect that the times they are a-changin':

CONTINUING RANT: The tenor is changing; one only wonders what the knee-pad media will have to say about The Child Emperor when they discover he has rendered the Democrat party beaten and bloody in only two years?

Methinks there will be articles/series on how this is a failed presidency and how he has destroyed the chances of future black liberal candidates for years -- if not a generation -- to come.

Too freaking bad. May this remorselessly pathetic steaming puss-bag of camel offal be thrown on the scrapheap of history in 2012 along with his Dem cronies from this election.

..now if we could only run someone in SF to unseat Pelosi in 2012, that'd be great. Or, maybe it's just as well to have her relegated to ordinary house member and back into the economy airliner seat (from her palatial SOH jet) and watch her face explode from Botox injections the first time the cabin depressurizes in a downdraft.


October 6, 2010

Hammerfall -- in 28 days..

..What will you be doing four weeks from now? Will you have worked to unseat these criminals? To have loosened their grip on the throat of this nation? Will you have taken that first big step towards the ultimate battle in NOvember of 2012? You have 28 days from this morning..

..use them wisely. You will not have them again.


Boxer: An outsourcer of jobs in California..

Babs ponders life.
..aside from arrogance and condescension, this women has been an absolute drag on the economy of the state of California when it comes to wrong-headed representation and advocacy in D. C. An Investor's Business Daily article enunciates some of Senator Dim Bulb's wondrous achievements. In poo-pooing the only thing Boxer uses against Carly Fiorina -- her presiding over HP at the time when the company laid off 30,000 workers -- they say:

Sen. Barbara Boxer thinks she's struck election gold in California by charging her rival, ex-CEO Carly Fiorina, with outsourcing. The real story is how Boxer has chased millions of jobs out of state with her politics.

Last Wednesday's radio debate between California's two senatorial candidates repeatedly circled the issue of jobs in a state with 12.4% unemployment, second highest in the nation.

Incumbent Boxer's trump card was that her opponent, while chief of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2006, outsourced jobs. "She laid off 30,000 workers, shipped jobs overseas and says she's proud of her record — well, that's her record," said Boxer.

Problem is, Boxer is a far bigger outsourcer. The unemployment rate in her state is 25% higher than the national average of 9.4%, and the number of jobless Californians is 66% higher than when she took office 17 years ago. Her 90% liberal voting record based on National Journal data has much to do with it. Some of her biggest job-killing votes include:
  • The $787 billion stimulus package. Advertised in 2009 as necessary to "create or save" jobs and cap the national jobless rate at 8%, California unemployment soared to 12.4% by 2010 from 7.8% in 2008, as California posted its biggest job losses since 1940. That's a million jobs lost in this recession, according to the University of the Pacific, even as states like Texas with free-market policies gain jobs and draw investment. It's outsourcing on a grand scale.
  • The corporate tax. Boxer claimed in Wednesday's debate that she wants to "incentivize" U.S. companies not to ship jobs overseas. Maybe she was referring to her yes vote on S. 3816, which ends the tax deferral for multinational firms. The idea was to hike taxes on companies' overseas operations so they would hire more here. Instead, we've "incentivized" companies to move headquarters and jobs to low-tax countries. Even the Democrat-led Senate knew it was a job killer. Boxer didn't.
  • Free trade. In the debate, Boxer patronizingly said Mexico was important to California because it was a top trading partner. No kidding. California's economy is steeped in foreign trade, accounting for 11.4% of U.S. exports, which underperforms its 14% slice of the economy.
  • Maybe that's because Boxer has steadfastly kept California out of foreign trade. She opposed NAFTA with Mexico and Canada in 1993 and continues to oppose all free trade. She voted no on trade deals with some of the state's most logical, natural trading partners — Singapore, Chile, Peru, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica, to name a few.

the article goes on to describe how Boxer's radical environmental stance has caused the limitation of off-shore drilling and helped choke off water to the California's Central Valley:

As water was cut to the southwest Central Valley in 2007, unemployment rates rose above 16% in Fresno and as high as 40% in Mendota; agricultural operations fled to Mexico. Mendota's jobless farmworkers were reduced to accepting charity food from China — outsourcing that came because of Boxer's vote.

The article concludes:

With a record like hers, is it any wonder that Boxer's hometown newspaper refused to endorse her?

The senator's long, inept and counterproductive record in politics has left California poorer, less competitive and less employed than ever. If anyone should avoid throwing around charges like outsourcing, it's Barbara Boxer.

..can I get an amen?

Four more weeks..


Einsein was a genius..

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
~Albert Einstein, (attributed)

Babs, Giving California the (Wrong) Finger
Let's prove his hypothesis, shall we?

I contend that [a majority of] California voters are insane. As an offer of proof, I submit the repeated re-election of the crop of Democrat politicians (with the help of a neutered and impotent California GOP) who have driven this state over the cliff , perpetuating perpetuate themselves in office with the help of their public-service, teachers', and labor union buddies.

Want further proof? How about Barbara Boxer? They have repeatedly restored this woman to power since 1982 when she was elected to the House of Representatives. The zone-oids who propelled her to DC did it again when she was elected to the Senate ten years later to Alan "The Cadaver" Cranston's seat in 1992. She has pulled a hat-trick to stay there 18 years and has partied with the group that has dragged this state down over that time.

Supposedly one of the two wunderkind-ettes elected that to the California senate seats she has been a virtual cypher in the Senate, emerging only to scold a general for not addressing her as 'Senator' and trying to patronize Harry Alford, the president and CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce. Both of these videos can be found all over the web but the chastisement by Alford is particularly instructive because it shows the other side of this woman's elitist condescension. Notice how she rambles on and on and on, not listening to Alford.

I got a hot flash for all of you out there who are leaners: if she doesn't listen to the wishes and statements a CEO then she sure as hell does not care what's on all of your minds. Do ya follow?

..yet the California voters repeatedly re-elect this arrogant, elitist woman to her post.

Idiocy? Works for me!


Ominous metaphor? Sign from God?

Where's the off-button for this moron?

..just sayin'


October 4, 2010

Call for assistance II..

my plea for Carly..getting posted on Hot Air and other blogs:

As much as it pains me to say it, I’m very concerned that Boxer is not in trouble this year. I think the only thing I’ve seen from Fiorina’s campaign has been the Senator Ma’am clip. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has an anti-Boxer ad out, which helps somewhat, but I’m afraid that Boxer is out-campaigning Fiorina, at least in the L.A. market.

I really hope Fiorina steps up the campaign this month, otherwise I’m afraid Boxer will be reelected.
malclave on October 4, 2010 at 3:10 PM

..I am volunteering a lot for Carly's campaign and we are working at an 8-to-1 cash disadvantage out here. We could sure use some financial assistance if you can see your way clear to donate. ANEEE-THING WILL DO! If you are a (legal) Californian, please consider volunteering for the campaign. We can use your help phone banking, walking precincts, of just plain showing up and the headquarters and offering to stuff envelopes.

..we are a lot closer than even the polls suggest and, let's face it, if Boxer isn't dumped this year, you're all stuck with this sclerotic, arrogant, elitist, liberal puss-bag for the next six years!

Thanks for your help!

I'll be back, but you really want to take this opportunity to dump Box-o-Rocks Senator Ma'am this NOvember. Please do all you can on your blogs and amongst your friends to stuff Boxer. She needs to be sidelined back to Marin County in the worst way.


Call for assistance..

Over at the Obama Fail blog, they need suggestions to augment their periodic Failure Watch:
Time for another edition of Obama Failure Watch, where we look at emerging evidence that proves President Obama is a miserable failure. These links come from the left, the right and overseas. Be prepared to laugh, cry and worry for the future of America.

..anything that comes to mind would be welcome. Remember, we're documenting this for posterity so that when we're all ancient, sclerotic droolers gumming our Zwieback in our nursing homes our kids will have some idea how really bad these four years really were.


Send in the Marines..

An interesting letter in the Australian Shooter Magazine, which I quote:
"If you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of operations during the past 22 months, and a total of 2112 deaths, that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers.

The firearm death rate in Washington, DC is 80.6 per 100,000 for the same period.

That means you are about 25 per cent more likely to be shot and killed in the US capital, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the US, than you are in Iraq ..

Conclusion:  The US should pull out of Washington ..

[or I say....send  the Marines to Washington]

October 2, 2010

All Red in the Mall..

Our buds on the left had their turn in Washington. A rally of..what? The AP describes the gathering in its article:

More than 400 organizations — ranging from labor unions to faith, environmental and gay rights groups — partnered for the event, which comes one month after Beck packed the same space with conservatives and tea party-style activists.

Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck's rally. But Saturday's crowds were less dense and didn't reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck's rally. The National Park Service stopped providing official crowd estimates in the 1990s.

Well, if you'd like to get an idea of the type of participants and perhaps a glimpse of the crowd size, here's a tongue-in-cheek vid that AFP put out on You Tube:

I have been all over the net and cannot seem to find many pictures which gives a clear idea of the participation -- none of those overhead shots like those of the Tea Party assemblages. You know, the ones where the park service and other organizations kept claiming the milling throngs were "in the hundreds" or "in the thousands" in their wild-eyed and frantic attempt to downplay the Tea Party intensity and fervor.

One would think if the turnout were substantial, then the satellite pics and airborne shots would be plastered all over the net.

I did find one showing the aftermath of the gathering:

Eerily reminiscent of the detritus strewn about after the Obama Coronation. For a shocking comparison of the inauguration and the Glenn Beck rally earlier this summer, head over to LiveLeak.

UPDATE: the authoress of Just a Conservative Girl visited both the Beck rall y and this one. She notes the contrasts in attendance and after-action detritus:

The closer I got to the memorial I was thinking it was a very large crowd. But once I got to the World War II memorial I realized that that the crowd was no where near the size of the Beck rally. At the Beck rally people were very densely packed and this crowd was mainly just around the reflecting pool.
I went and sat in the same basic location that I did for the Beck rally. I had virtually no one else around me and no one came up to me. I listened to Jesse Jackson speak and he mainly talked about Michelle Obama's contributions about "food deserts". He also talked about the need to increase mass transit.
The other thing that I noticed was how many people left early. There was virtually no one left when it ended. On my train ride home I was sitting next to a woman who was from Baltimore. She told me that she drove to a metro station in Virginia to meet up with friends who came in from Chicago. I said to her that must have been an expensive bus trip; "oh, no it only cost $15, the union subsidized the rest." Again, I didn't say anything but I was thinking to myself that the pensions are in trouble and they are looking for federal bailouts, but they can subsidize bus trips. These are the people who want to talk to me about financial responsibility? I don't think I need any financial advice from these people.

Truly a comprehensive essay on the soiree held yesterday; I haven't hat time to assimilate all of it (I am off for a meeting this morning) but I recommend your visiting and looking at the fine contrasting pics she put up.

UPDATE II:  The Conservative Perspective has posted a great..er..perspective comparison of the Beck rally and the Commie Woodstock that took place yesterday:



October 1, 2010

All Red in the face..

Oh, puh-leeeez! Don't tell me that liberal sexagenarian bag of puss had the INS letter BLOWN UP (embiggened) for her media whoring press conference yesterday?

I mean, this beats the band, takes the cake, knocks it out of the park, rings it up, and says it all.

Remember Dandy Don Meridith when he and Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford were doing Monday Night Football? Yeah, I am that old. But, whenever the game got into the fourth quarter and the losing team was on life support, he'd break into this memorable melody.

(Don't adjust your sets..there is no video.)

Anyway, I would like to think that Dandy Don is humming that tune now every time he thinks of Allred's stunt.

But for those of us who still want to gnaw on the gristle of what promised to be a delicious cut of filet, there is THE definitive wrap on this matter over on Hot Air, by J. E. Dyer:

Gloria Allred has really picked the wrong fight this time. She’ll no doubt continue to strut and fret her dwindling hour upon the stage, but hardly anyone in the California news audience can be paying attention.

Apparently she thinks California voters are as easily swayed by incoherent, emotive hypocrisy as the politics and entertainment industries. As they say in my native Oklahoma: Bless her heart.

This matter turns on the twin assertions made by Allred during her interviews with Hewitt and Levin ~~ who also took her apart. She kept blubbering something about how this pathetic, downtrodden illegal (being paid $23 per hour and given free room and board at the Whitman-Marshall household) was being subjugated, oppressed and a whole host of other verbs liberals use to describe the supposed tyranny conservatives or the right perpetrate on los de abajo. And, at the same time, she says Whitman should have been more suspicious of this Hispanic woman and vetted her more carefully.

I wonder why she raised the latter point? I mean, isn't this what they Arizona SB 1027 flap was all about? Racial and ethnic profiling?

But J. E. takes her specious, schizophrenic arguments apart with a surgeon's precision:

If Allred wants to argue that we should allow more legal immigration, she should go for it. But she can’t have it both ways: if it was wrong for Whitman to have an illegal working for her, then it was right for Whitman to fire the illegal. How long Whitman knew the maid was illegal is either prosecutable or immaterial; California is not the place to parade it around, wholly without the accountability of an actual process of law, as a career-ending character flaw.

It's a delicious read about a matter that's sinking faster in the West than the December sun.

"..turn out the lights, the party's over, all good things must end some day.."

UPDATE: In case you didn't see it, Hannity interviewed Whitman in the aftermath of this crapfest (1 October 2010) and Meg knocked it out of the park. Only an opinion here, but she really made Allred look like a fool by pointing out the fact that the poor, set-upon latina maid was not only subject to prosecution and deportation but also would probably be thrown away like a used Kleenex when Brown and Allred had no need for her after NOvember 2nd.

..and Meg made a special effort to point out that this kerfuffle was precipitated about a week before Brown and Whitman's debate on Univision next week -- the same outlet who hosted the unfortunate Loretta Sanchez's "Asian Horde" announcement.

Whitman really put the finishing touches on this pathetic attempt by Brown and one of his henchpersons to play some dirty politics.

UPDATE II: It seems I turned off the telly too soon last night. Greta Van Sustern (whom I have absolutely fallen in love with for her reportage) delivered a beatdown to Allred on Fox that left her looking like a dessicated road pie we see getting smaller and smaller in our rear view mirror. This matter is over and I ain't gonna throw another vid in this post, BUT IT IS A MUST SEE POST BY ED MORRISEY'S OVER AT Hot Air.

..so it looks like a whiff and a K by Allred on three straight heaters -- Hewitt, Levin, and now Van Sustern. She should get sent down to class D ball by the end of next week.


Backyard Barbecue Barack..

It's supposed to be all folksy and all that. You know, the prez hunkered down with some old friends, burgers and dogs on the grill, a cooler of Pabst Blue Ribbon icing down, insects buzzing around in the gloaming..

(I don't know if you've ever had insects buzzing around in your gloaming before, but it ain't a pretty sight.)

Presently, one of his just-met-yesterday-newly-minted-life-long-campaign-trail-buddies turns to him and, beer in hand and asks, "Say, Barry, what's this I hear about those pesky Bush middle-class tax cuts expiring in January? You gonna let that happen to us ordinary folks?"

Slowly, the object of the question uncoils himself from his lawn chair, puts down a half-empty Bud, grabs a microphone, and shuffles to the center of the throng.

Knitting stops, the kids cease frolicking with the pet Labrador on an adjacent expanse of lawn, discussions of how the Buckeyes will do this Fall go quiet and expectant eyes turn to this slender figure in dress slacks, a white shirt with the obligatory I'm-just-a-relaxing-working-stiff-rolled-up sleeves as he does his characteristic back of the head scratch and lisps out some mealy-mouthed explanation about how he and his triumvirate will remove the remaining shards of viscera from an already gutted and moribund economy.

All the while, the carefully selected family of four -- balding middle-aged hubby, doting but intelligent wife, and the boy and girl, all typical to the max -- sit at a nearby picnic table and adoringly absorb his Pablumesque blandishments as if he were adorned in a robe and sandals and yakking away about how the meek will inherit this and blessed are those who do that while dividing half a dozen mackerel and six loaves of sliced Wonderbread.

So this is his new shtick; he is going to meet with every one of us, each Joe and Jane, dropping in on us during a quiet, peaceful, middle America Sunday while we are out in our back yards. He will languish in that idyllic setting, explaining patiently how he is working hard for us and -- heck -- he was just driving by and smelled the patties on the grill and -- just mustard and a pickle if you please -- wanted to have a little chat with his favorite middle-class Americans.

Like FDR's fireside chats and Jimmy Carter's cardigan, the backyard barbecue has now become this idiot's trademark du jour, his passport for the week into the kaleidoscope of harsh realities we face. And it is nothing more than a facetious vehicle for this bombastic, narcissistic piece of crap to insinuate himself, his regime, and the unrelenting assault of this government into our lives..

..but the dress slacks, white shirt, tie, and microphone at a weenie roast?

One surmises the teleprompter would have been a bit over the top.


September 30, 2010

Driniking from a fire hose..

They said it would happen. They told us. We have been yearning for this time essentially since January 20th, 2009. We have been fuming over the arrogance and elitism of our elected officials in Congress and our statehouse while they steam-rollered our Constitution, disregarded their own procedure rules, ignored us in their town hall meetings, and sought -- through their handmaidens in the liberal media -- to trivialize the greatest gathering of common revulsion against their deeds as a mob of right-wing zealots and looney-tunes.

It is barely over four weeks until we get our chance to be heard. In fact, already the din we have created and our expressed wishes are beginning to cause some anguish and discomfort in their cushy circles of perpetuated power.

Well, that time is now upon us; we are rounding the far turn, going to the bottom of the ninth, at the two-minute warning. We have just heard the bell ring for the 15th round and it is our chance to deliver the knockout.

But, in these closing days, events are coming fast and furious. The once delicious morsels that we could chew over for two..three days..a week's time now come two..three..or more per day. There's a kaleidoscope of events cascading in from all over. It is a veritable Sizzler buffet of schadenfreude with heaps of steaming Democrat and RINO misadventures being doled out on our plates.

It's kind of like trying to drink from a fire hose.

Many of us blog readers and writers have jobs, families, bills, and concerns that occupy our time -- and then this biennial madness descends upon up and we have to drop everything to make sense of the politics that assail us. Those in our ranks, the non-professionals who take up the quill to chronicle our thoughts and opinions factor that effort into an already-busy schedule with results that ain't always pretty. In my case, putting together cogent commentary is a challenge that can be best answered in the quiet of my home office or during the lunch hour where thoughts can be strung together without any "incoming". While writing posts for  The War Planner is not a professional obligation, I feel compelled to comment coherently when a significant political even occurs. You know, to lend my electronic two cents worth . But, increasingly, I find myself bewildered by the rapidity of unfolding events. More and more, I am left speechless, flummoxed, and otherwise dazed by the shock and awe of this now quickening pace.

I fear this has already claimed a victim. The lovely and talented Bunni of Amusing Bunni's Musings has, according to Odie -- The Woodsterman -- reportedly burned out and turned off her blog. Odie insists this is only temporary and she will be back. Lord, I certainly hope so. Bunni, if you read this, it is my heart-felt request that you rest up, relax, and get yourself back in the game very, very soon.

And any of the rest of you feeling this way please hang in there. While I am no big time blogger and command very little attention over here in this corner of the internet, there's a reason you folks are linked over there on the right. You have become my friends, compatriots, and fellow warriors in this battle. I value each and every link I place there and each and every post you produce at your sites. As I said some time past, each of those links represent a reminder to me that I need to visit and say hello once in a while. As things have heated up, I feel I have spent far too much time in the dubious endeavor of generating literary commentary and far too little time keeping up these friendships. I wish to read more and write less.

..and there's something else I need to do over the next four weeks: work for the Van Tran, Star Parker, and Carly Fiorina campaigns. You know, whatever they need -- phone banking, canvassing, volunteering in their offices, etc.

So it's not any real policy change here and I ain't turning off the lights; just wanted to let you know that I am going to post when I can and it'll probably be those cheap, quick, one-shot things that hopefully bring a smile, arouse your ire, or otherwise incite you to get out there and work for the upcoming revolution. I get this feeling that, if I don't help the campaigns and make the rounds of my electronic friends' sites, November 3rd ain't gonna be as fun as we imagine it is going to be.

I mean, after all, one can die of thirst trying to drink from that fire hose.


Day Laborers for Sentaor Ma'am..

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin. Slammed today; make this go viral:


September 28, 2010

This one's for the resident 2171..


No, no se puedan..

Well, here is my representative in Congress. Don't she just make you proud?

This is, of course, the aftermath of her sticking her number nines in her big fat bazoo by calling on her  hermanas y hermanos del barrio to help her stave off the invading yellow horde from Bolsa and Warner.

Sorry, but if you want rational and civil dialog at this juncture, then go elsewhere; I have had it up to here with this Latina stalking the Playboy mansion and halls of Congress looking for hunk lobbyists.

A plea to those of you from the ausland: Support Van Tran for Congress.

..I'll buy you a beer or sumpin'.


Busier than a one-legged man..

..in a butt-kicking contest.

But I gotta put up my "Hot Air! Comment of the day". It is a response to the soon-to-be-evaporating "saved or created" make work, CCC, New New Deal, Obama crapfest we've been struggling to survive:

Remember those jobs that Porkulus “saved or created” with $787 billion in borrowed money

And,Pelosi threw Team Right under da bus with
*8 years of failed Bush Policies!!

*(Pelosi said it)

I have Pelosi`s original Bailout Baby Archived!

Crack a window open,and play it,to remind yourself
whats at stake in November!!
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Floor Speech Before Bailout Vote
September 29,2008


canopfor on September 28, 2010 at 12:22 PM

O.K., O.K., I know you're lazy like me, so here's the viddy below for ya in all of its shreikingly-hypocritical glory.

..I know, I know..


September 26, 2010

Below average..

I don't know if you can see the numbers in the pic below (I am cursed with this narrow blog template) but it seems that our boy has been slip-slidin' away in so many polls recently that he has s dragged his RCP average to the lowest point - a 44.5% - on record:

RCP used to be a regular stop for me -- particularly in 2000 and 2004 -- but lately, my mood has becoem so surly that I cannot waste one minute on any middle-of-the-road pap. (See my MItt Romney post bbelow.) Today, as I waltzed over to Drudge, I was just thinking about that fact and thought I'd probably never his that spot until the election manifested itself in NOvember. Then I saw this link and was snookered.

The irony here, of course is that the lib-hated Rasmussen poll is the kindest to The Pantload to day as he up-cycles to a -13% in the strongly index. Don't worry your pretty little head about that, though. He'll be back down to -19 by the end of negt week when he opens his flapping yap about something else.


September 24, 2010

Hot Air! Comment of the day..

Sure, go ahead and ask this gutless wonder about our chances in 2012.
This is in response to an Allahpundit post about a Mittens comment on 2012, Romney: Let’s face it, Obama’s going to be very tough to beat.

RINO idiots like Romney never seem to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

We’re 39 days from the midterms, and this damnable MORON is giving succor to our political enemies with this ‘managing expectations’ BS. The same LOSER crapola Michael Steele pulled last winter when the RNC took a junket to Hawaii and downplayed any hopes of a big win in the Fall.

rayra on September 24, 2010 at 9:52 PM

I tolerated and carried water for Dole in '96 and McCain in '08 and I'll be damned if I am going to watch some RINO-freaking-squish hand it over to the First Turd just because the Tea Party Republicans got control of the house and brought the trillions of dollars sitting on the sidelines back into play by eliminating all the sorry crapola that the Obama acolytes foisted off on us.

Nah, Mittens, you suck. Give me someone who will fight for us instead of raising the surrender flag two years early.

Besides, like rayra above says, we've got a little dance 39 days from now to get ready for before we start worrying about 2012.


Gratuitous Viral Video Dump..


Limbo Rock time..

How low can you go? It seems our boy, The POSOTUS is sinking to new lows in yet another poll. CNN released a poll today that shows Obama hitting 42% -- a new low for him. There's some pretty grim commentary in that article as well:

The president's approval rating now stands at 42 percent – an all time low in CNN polling and 8 points lower than where Obama was only three weeks ago. Moreover, 56 percent of all Americans think the president has fallen short of their expectations.

I know it's 42% but let's face it, while this is interesting, the real gully-washer will be when he breaks 40 percent. Methinks it will come when Obama actually is in the mid-to-high 30s and folks like CNN or Time or the other lib knee-pad media orgs cannot jimmy the sample any more. You know, like going from 53% Dem 47% wine-besotted Sterno bums who we picked up off the street, gave a carton of smokes and a quart of Sneaky Pete to and then showed them a pic of The Lightbringer. Or, poll sample of WH staffers.

What will peel those supporters off -- the Dems or WH staffers, not the Sterno bums -- will be when all their buds in congress take the pipe and get their fannies handed to them in NOvember. When this idiot and his clown-troupe still cling to the hard line with no pivot in sight, then rank-an-file Democrats will finally wake up and realize they've just been taken over the cliff. As the surf crashing on the rocks is rising to rapidly meet them in the front windshield, they will bail -- causing his nibs, The Pantload, to plummet further in the polls.

However, there are enough left-over mind-numbed drones, beatific blissed-out Hopenchange Hyperlibs, besotted and gassed-up union stiffs, and reverse-racists doll-receiving proles who are still not exhausted from defending this hopeless incompetent from the rational segment of society to keep him in the 30s until he gets replaced by someone or something more competent..

..a working sewage pump or old Amana refrigerator, I'm thinking.

UPDATE: You ever wondered about the definition of pathetic? Check out some of the comments on that CNN article.

 Like I said, pathetic.


Race card.. Racist Dem B*tch warns of Vietnamese invasion..

Don't leave home without it..especially if you are going to the Playboy mansion to hang with hunks.

So, now it's on. Sanchez and her Hispanic supporters versus Van Tran and all of his Vietnamese backers. One wonders if the rumble will be at Warner and Bolsa in Westminister or Fifth and Main in Santa Ana.

Es mi barrio, ese. No, no se puedan.

..and you folks thought we only had a dumb, elitist, pandering senator we had to dump?

UPDATE: Sorry for the late-to-the-dance post. I seem to have stepped on LCR's stuff below on Van Tran. Hey, let's face it, Tim's wa-a-a-a-a-y more coherent than I ever will be -- which is why I have him grace these pages with his great posts. How else am I gonna fool you folks into thinking I know what's going on?   


September 23, 2010

Spine of steel, least unfavorable, and other irrelevance..

Can't embed the video here, so watch this over at RCP.

"Sit down, you fulminating piece of cow manure.."

..o.k., you back? Good. Now tell me about that gratuitous piece of reporting from the sack-o-crap Los Angeles Fox 11 guy. Don't you just know they cherry-picked all of the numbers on this race to dredge up those to stats? "Very Favorable" and "Very Unfavorable" just screams irrelevance.

And what's with this "spine of steel" stuff, bozo? Man, these folks in the MSM are desperate!


California's 47th Congressional District Candidate, Van Tran

by the Left Coast Rebel

Although introduced by Matthew Newman to RightKlik readers, earlier this month, I felt the need to re-introduce Assemblyman Van Tran due to recent events in the campaign.

Van Tran (pictured left) faces six term Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Loretta Sanchez has come under fire recently for telling Spanish-only Univision that "The Vietnamese and the Republicans are trying to take away this seat from us." Seemingly Loretta Sanchez sought the cover of the Spanish-only network Univision, assuming that such a disgusting, vitriolic statement would go unnoticed outside of the Spanish-only station.

She couldn't have been any more wrong. A new introduction to Orange County Republican Van Tran is due, this from the Orange County Register:

Born in Saigon, South Vietnam, in 1964, Mr. Tran and his family were evacuated by U.S. forces shortly before the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. His childhood experience with oppressive regimes, he said, made him a conservative, and he is running for Congress to protect those values. "Having been a product of the Vietnam government, where the regime was dictatorial and oppressive, I understand the need for less government regulation," he said. "Encroachment of government on virtually every aspect of American life has inspired me to run for Congress."

Mr. Tran said the role of government is to empower the American people, to empower the family, to empower small businesses. The 47th is a very blue-collar district, so the biggest issues for voters are jobs and the economy. Mr. Tran said he would address those issues by reducing restrictions on small business and cutting taxes. "As a state assemblyman I have worked to make it easier for small businesses to hire, gotten rid of regulations and fee structures. ... That is what I would do at the federal level."

He opposes the original federal stimulus package – the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – because he said it is full of pork and imposed more debt and other burdens on the economy than opportunity for job creators. Policies like the stimulus shift the debt to future generations and by supporting them we are "mortgaging the future of our country." He said, "We can't throw money at a recession to fix it."

Mr. Tran said the 47th District is a perfect example of the failings of government stimulus spending because jobs promised for the district have not materialized. Mr. Tran similarly opposes the government bailouts and the Obamacare health care reform program.

What's not to like? Think about it. What better appreciation can one have for freedom and free markets than to have experienced the precise opposite. If only more Americans had the same perspective and formed their political philosophy correspondingly.

Van Tran certainly could be a rising star in the Republican party and we wish him the best on November 2. Even though the recent racist gaffe made by Loretta Sanchez may breathe new life into the Van Tran campaign, he still needs your help. Visit his website here. Read Matthew Newmans excellent Van Tran writeup here. Check out more coverage of the race at Left Coast Rebel.

Your tax dollars at work..

Via Hot Air, here's a sample of how GM and the UAW ensure that they produce quality products. Of course, when the C-IN-C shows up for a pep talk, it's always Miller Time.

..guess I'll hang on to my 2000 Jeep Cherokee a little longer than I planned; don't wanna run the risk of trading it in on one of the POS's these jerkwads make.

(Yes, I am aware of the logical flaw in the statement above.)


A Very Good Start

(I am going to shut up and let this speak for itself. But I must say that this is a very, very good start.)

..go here for the GOP 21-page "Pledge for America".


September 22, 2010


Sorry for the "ready-made" post, but I came across this at You Tube and just had to share it:

I know we're gunning for his posse this NOvember and he does not appear in our sights (figuratively, of course) until 2012, but I am not aware of any finer collections of this cretin's contradictions abroad on the web. (However, I am open to links, by the way.)

On a tangential note, I visited a kick-off meeting for Carly this past Sunday. Before you folks panic -- especially those of you who are backing Boxer (yeah, fat chance) -- this was a meeting of the enlisted personnel, the trench fighters, the lowly minions, the upper echelon of the campaign having started months (if not years) ago. But there were some pretty interesting revelations about the goings on in all of the California elections in general. (Hint, hint.)

So, a lot of the posts here will be about revealing these insights, deconstructing the pathetic gas bag dummy Senator Ma'am Box-o-Rocks truly is, and generally doing everything I possibly can to ensure this flaming idiot returns to mingle with all of her squishy liberal Marin County-ites on a 24/7/365 basis.

We'll probably be dumping this stuff on LCRez as well and if have a blog and want to help out, let me know. I can be reached at thewarplanner-at-gmail-dot-com, nudge-nudge-wink-wink.


September 21, 2010

Daily Caller: The Left's Sexism Double Standard

by the Left Coast Rebel

One of the worst things that we as conservatives confront (almost daily) is the double standard placed on our conduct via the Leftist Government Media Complex. The constant stream of quotes out of context, attacks of no validity and a blatantly obvious gaffe double standard are all-too-well-known facets of discourse.

Worse yet, the right is often crucified over politically incorrect faux paus' that are simply ignored on the left side of things. My piece at Daily Caller today points this out in regards to a comment made by the illustrious Dingy Reid.

Excerpted from my Daily Caller piece today:

If one is an activist, political guru or just one that watches the daily goings-on in our nation’s body politic, one has surely noted the political gamesmanship (especially pervasive from the left) and sometimes from the right, that takes place on a daily basis.

Typically such one-upmanship hinges on pet liberal peccadilloes meant to malign and smear players right of center on the same old gotcha-canards of sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia and greed.

The nation burns as leftist radicals tear at the national fabric from within, yet daily headlines scream, this congressman said this, was caught on tape saying this, or in O’Donnell’s case, said this, that, someone says she said this, that - 20 years ago.

As a product of their “intentions,” the same rules don’t apply to gaffes and missteps made by anyone on the left — this ruling class phenomenon is so pervasive now as to be considered an absolutely predictable leftist reaction by rightists.

Head over to the Daily Caller to read the rest here. Exit question before you read the piece. Who are you more desperate to see go buh-bye - Dingy Reid or Barbara Boxer?

Tough choice, no?

Funny - Is this a US Senator, or an "after" photo from an anti-meth PSA?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Last night I met Mary who runs the BeJohnGalt site. She had left a nice comment at my PJM piece and I checked out her link. Anyway she has a great Randian-centerred, 'small-l', libertarian leaning blog that you should check out. Her father writes a must-read "Price of Freedom" column every week at the site too. She's also a resident of the People's Republic of California.

This morning Mary emailed me and mentioned something funny that she and her compatriots had cooked up. It's a new Lisa Murkowski site. The URL is http://www.lisamurkwski.com/.

The site is oh-not-so-flattering to Lisa Murksowski (without an 'O' in the last name, check the URL above), screenshot (click to embiggen):

Now that is funny! Cross posted to LCR.

September 20, 2010

Big news all the way back from February..

My good friend, Dave Brown, alerts me of breaking news on the Olympic scene: 

DATELINE; Lausanne, Switzerland; Friday, September 10, 2010. The IOC ruled that American Lindsey Vonn has had to forfeit her Olympic Gold. The International Olympic Committee announced today that it has taken back the gold medal previously awarded to American skier Lindsey Vonn and given it to U.S. President Barack Obama (who gladly accepts any award). Olympic officials said Obama deserved the medal more than Vonn because no one has ever gone downhill faster than he has.




Bring it on!

The NY Times (via Drudge) reports to day that the Obama administration is plotting a slamfest against the Tea Party movement:

 WASHINGTON — President Obama’s political advisers, looking for ways to help Democrats and alter the course of the midterm elections in the final weeks, are considering a range of ideas, including national advertisements, to cast the Republican Party as all but taken over by Tea Party extremists, people involved in the discussion said.

White House and Congressional Democratic strategists are trying to energize dispirited Democratic voters over the coming six weeks, in hopes of limiting the party’s losses and keeping control of the House and Senate. The strategists see openings to exploit after a string of Tea Party successes split Republicans in a number of states, culminating last week with developments that scrambled Senate races in Delaware and Alaska.

As this post's headline implies, I can't wait for this idiot and his clown troupe to start such follies. They are clueless about the calculus of this whole thing by characterizing the Tea Party sentiment as right-wing extremism. Ironically, former president -- and serial-dress-soiler -- Clinton almost nails it when he says people are pissed and that's why there's a Tea Party movement:

On CBS' "Face the Nation," Clinton said many Americans were bitter that banks and other "people who caused these problems" had recovered while ordinary people had not.

"There is a general revolt against bigness," he said.

Clinton said that in the Republican Party, this translates to an insurrection against big government instead of big business. He questioned, though, if the Tea Party wanted to roll back initiatives such as healthcare reform, Wall Street oversight reform and student-loan reform.

"I don't know where they stand but I get why they're popular," the former president said..

The NYT link? Are you serious? No way I am paving the way for that rag's hits. Go to Drudge or dig it up yourself.


September 19, 2010

Worth repeating..

As events focus the facts for us, I borrow this gem from a J. E. Dyer post over on Hot Air:

I think many high-information voters see things this way: if we can retake the House and achieve a blocking minority in the Senate – both of which are increasingly probable, even if O’Donnell loses in Delaware – Congress can act as a check on Obama until January 2013.

On the other hand, a RINO-heavy Congressional majority would be likely to set Obama’s course in stone – e.g., with only marginal changes to Obamacare, with some version of amnesty and some version of cap-and-trade – and actually make the Obama agenda harder to decouple from down the road.


Hometown boy makes good..

Alright, boys 'n girls, our very own Tim Daniel (absotively, posolutely no "S") of Left Coast Rebel has hit the bigs!

Tim is starting to write for PJM -- Pajamas Media -- a more erudite, intellectual site where the comments are often longer than some of my blathering posts. (And more coherent.)

So mosey on over there, drop a few thousand well-chosen words below his deathless prose and generally make him squirm. Oh yeah, click the "like button" too.

Here's hoping we'll read a lot more from Tim over there and I sure hope to goodness he remembers all of us "little people" in his acceptance speeches.


Carl Paladino Introduction

by the Left Coast Rebel

Friday afternoon I got the chance via Sean Hannity's radio show to be introduced to NY's Carl Paladino. Paladino is going to face off against liberal-dynastic Cuomo in November for the governor's seat in the state of New York. Paladino's appearance highlighted a guy that's not afraid to go after the establishment (almost in a Sopranos-esque fashion) and he sounds like a real pull-no-punches character.

Although I could not find video or audio of his Hannity appearance, I saw this at Youtube, a pretty good introduction to the guy:

Just sayin'..

Obama has not worn well over the last 20 months.

At the rate he's going, I'm guessing by 2012, he'll be looking like Grady from the old Sanford and Sons series:


September 18, 2010

Hissy Fit..

If this week has shown us that political creatures -- Democrat or Republican -- can be petulant, spoiled children with an oversized sense of entitlement. What with Lizzie Murkowski and Mike Castle, cast-aside Republican incumbent and almost-incumbent respectively, being cut from the herd and left to die on the barren and rocky plains of political ignominy, it is becoming abundantly and finally clear to everyone involved in the political process -- Dems, GOP, and the punditry -- that we're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore.

Only this week? Try this past year or so. We the People are merely adding those two names to the long list of governmental tit-suckers -- like Bennett and Specter and Crist -- who are being shown the gate by a public no longer content with business as usual.

..er, perhaps there's not a lot of business as usual these days, one surmises.

Murkowski and Castle are refusing to take "no" for an answer, the former launching a desperate write-in campaign to regain he senate seat and the latter ranting and raving about how he wuz robbed, sending out post-election e-mails dissing his victorious opponent, and even having his staffers make utterances about the validity of the electoral process:

"She is a con artist who won by lying about Castle's positions and her own life," said Kate Dickens, a Castle aide. "Out of state support was enough to pull her through yesterday so she can rely on it through November."

Welcome to the land of the arrogant, entitled, clueless, and truly pathetic.

But what even more surprising than this lack of graceful losers, is the caterwauling and surliness of the entrenched punditry as well.

It seems that so-called stalwart conservative (well, Republican, anyway) pundits all over the media started spewing angst-filled rhetoric about the so-called Tea Party victories signaling the end of the GOP, torpedoing all chances of the GOP winning the senate, and maybe even putting the House out of reach. Notables such as Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer have roundly bemoaned O'Donnell's creds and abilities, basically painting her as a typical right-wing nut-job. Of course, this all plays into the hands of the gleeful left who is, no doubt eager to Hoover up any other piece of news except their impending 2 November execution date.

The latest to fall into this morass is the beloved and eccentric Morton Kondrake. Mort was all over the political map last night on FNC's Special Report, bashing these Tea Party-endorsed victors as the second coming of Satan and the sure death knell of the two-moderate-party system as we know it. He claimed that these folks -- the results of last week notwithstanding -- trail Obama in favorability, their being at 30% to Obama's Bradley-Effect driven 40-something numbers. I can't seem to embed the FNS videos so the link is here. It is a must watch particularly when Steve Hayes and K. T. McFarland take poor ol' Mort apart.

No Department of Education litmus test, my ass!

By the way, K. T. is another in the line of those Republican/Conservative lady pundits who adopt the initials-only format as their working sobriquet. You know, like S. E. Cupp and A.B.Stoddard. Only, K. T. is an absolutely marvelous woman (clad here in an equally marvelous electric-yellow suit) whose creds reach back to the Reagan administration.

Anyway, the take-away from this is that the GOP loved the Tea Party anger when Democrats were in the garage sucking the pipe with the Volvo's motor running but now hate the fact that their own establishment is being put to the sword. The Dems may be breathing a sigh of relief from this brief doom 'n gloom respite, but their day is surely coming as surely as this day hath visited the wrath of angry voters on the arrogant tit-suckers. The American people win when these folks lose.

And to paraphrase Vince Lombardi, "Show me a sore loser and I'll show you a loser." 

UPDATE:  It seems that O'Donnell is not as clueless as Charlie-the-K and Rove might have you believe. Christine has canceled her appearance on CBS's Face the Nation and will concentrate on an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I think that's a pretty good move on many levels. Firstly, who wants to go on FTN and get slammed by that Alzheimer-ridden lib host, Bob "CRS" Scheiffer? Secondly, Karl Rove will also be on FNC as well. So Chrisgtine gets to address one of her critics almost face-to-face.

You ought to get a look at her. She's pretty sharp and a lot more savvy than Rove and Krauthammer give her credit for. Besides, there's gotta be something going for her given that she raised over a million in one day after she won the primary. She's down 11 against her opponent, Coons the Commie, but with this amount of loot and political acumen, it will force the Democrats to commit money and time to a race that should have been a walk in the park. And who's to say she will not win?

Me? I am personally smelling another Scott Brown-versus-Coakley race here.

UPDATE II: Hot Air! comment of the day also known as a busy blogger's attempt to fill space without doing any actual creative work:

Not much point in wasting any time on Zero’s favorite little elf Bob Schieffer.
viking01 on September 18, 2010 at 1:39 PM
No GOP candidate should go anywhere near that worthless hack. I so-o-o-o wished Boehner had said, after Schieffer asked him about his smoking, “Get back to me, Bob, when you ask the president that same question and show the same derisive attitude about his smoking habit that you just showed about mine. How much is the democrat national committee paying its operatives these days anyway?”
Rational Thought on September 18, 2010 at 1:44 PM

Just so we're clear around here, I hold Schieffer in as high a regard as I did Dan Rather. That is to say, they are about three notches below the festering, puss-filled placenta of a syphilitic camel. Well, Rather's only two notches below that because he can remember things. The sclerotic old waste-of-skin Schieffer seems to conveniently dis-remember stories that cast a pall on his Democrat overseers.

Personally, I think he ought to have molasses poured into his Depends and sat upon a Fire Ant Hill.