July 19, 2010

Meg Whitman Turns Tables on Nurses Union..

Interesting post over at Left Coast Rebel; maybe we will finally get a governor out here with some stones who is not afraid to take on the unions and the politicians in Sacramento.


conservative generation said...

War Planner - thanks for the link. I had my doubts on Meg Whitman, but if she is serious about taking on the unions. Well, who needs a Chris Christie more than CA?

The War Planner said...


My pleasure.

I get the feeling that she might turn out to be Chris Christy-ette. We so need a lib smack down out here that our teeth itch.

I harbor much less BRS (Bush Resentment Syndrome) than most, my right-wing animus and hatred towards the Cal GOP being legion. These smug, go-along, drones sold CA down the river over the last 15 years. They should be neutered, staked out in the blazing sun over a hill of red fire ants, with honey dribbled on the tender parts of their bodies.

The great fun will be watching her eat ex-Governor Moonbeam alive, morsel by morsel, with body parts sticking out of her mouth and blood running down her chin..

..a bit much?

Well, you live in La-La Land and see how you feel.