July 31, 2010

Deja Vue all over again..

Posted earlier over at Left Coast Rebel a few days a ago that must have gone missing in the rush of news. I love how Wallac makes Dean squirm.

But it also brought up memories of a couple of old favorites of mine from the 60s.

..too funny!

Later, after Dean composed himself, he spun the story -- in Tommy (or is it Dickie?) Smothers style -- that if they didn't talk about the story, they at least ran the clip. Upon hearing that, Brett Baer, on Fox News Tonight one night last week, fast-forwarded through the Fox News day from 0700-2049 when O'Reilly ran the clip for the first time -- well after the lady was fired.

As I said, I Love to watch John Dean squirm!




Opus #6 said...

Dean blew it. Ha ha.

The War Planner said...

..perpetual state of affairs with that clown!

petter said...

Its great stuff. Its remind us old days.Nice and thanks for sharing.

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