October 6, 2016

Tienes una pinga divina..

Quoth the horn-dogette:

Seems Senora Much-a-do-about-Nada is having seconds..er..second thoughts, that is! She has had a Cat Five blowback on her second helping of fifteen minutes of fame owing to Frau Colostomy Bag bringing her up in the first debate that she's full up to here! (I just can't resist!)

But what's really hard to square is the kind regard that Trump paid to her when she was a waddling fatty and how he stood by her as she fought her way back to size six. You know, after driving the getaway car in a murder attempt and making a few porn flicks and marrying a Mexican drug cartel boss. Doesn't look like a lot of anger here:

..or here:

Yo tengo a comer mucho. mi querida! Come ud mi pinga!

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