October 11, 2016

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: A peak into the future..

I was pondering the prospect of a Clinton presidency and, while that may be a gloomy subject, in the event there's a tremor on the force and Clinton wins, all is not lost and the world will not come to an end. A nuclear conflagration or Armageddon of Christianity versus Muslim ruled out, there will be a reality that we will have to live in and survive.

But, to be sure, there will be a role and order of battle for all of us if we wish to carry on the fight -- now against BOTH Clinton AND the GOPe. So, as I was mulling over what a Post-Trumpian America would be like with Clinton at the helm I pieced together the following which is how I feel things will play out. And, as I said, it will not be as gloomy as one could imagine.

(Note that this is NOT bed wetting. I believe Trump may very well win but a good army has commanders who anticipate and prepare for all contingencies. This is such planning and speculation.)

To be sure, we will live in grave peril of losing our Supreme Court and having the Constitution radically changed. There will be other draconian manifestation of a Clinton regime in power and, doubtless, it will be a bleaker time. But there will be a few ironies that may conspire to thwart her reign. Several thoughts:

Remember, Obama was ushered in on a wave of optimism and started with an approval rating in the near-seventies. And, while it rapidly plummeted as we found out how truly incompetent and scheming he was, he nonetheless maintained some semblance of good will among his support and rarely dipped into the thirties.

Hillary enjoys no such popularity nor good will. She could enter office with about 45% approval and most probably be closer to 40% or lower. Remember, Assange, et al, will still be leaking emails about her crookedness and that will do little to endear her to the electorate. By January 20th of next year, she may actually be in the thirties,

The old joke about Obama signs popping up all over saying "Miss Me Yet?" with his grinning gesicht may not be a far-fetched joke.

I personally would not be surprised to see her daily ratings in the mid-to-low thirties for many reasons.

Clinton has a proven track record of..sheer incompetence. It has been pointed out and repeatedly demonstrated by her own performance that she absolutely, positively cannot do ANY job she sets out to do unless that job involves personal enrichment and self aggrandizement. She will be facing severe and stern tests both domestically with an ailing economy and a world political situation (of her own making) that teeters on the brink of conflict.

Further, she will have to live (as will we) with the consequences of her allowing the 550% increase of Muslim refugee and other immigration. ANY terrorist activity on American soil or towards American citizens or interests abroad will be laid at her feet. The bitter memories of Benghazi or Orlando or Nice or the first numerous red lines that she and Obama drew in the sand will be fresh in our minds and, as POTUS, she will have NO ONE ELSE to blame because, as Truman said, "the buck stops here".

..although she will try.

The stark contrast between Clinton and Trump is never more evident than in the area of leadership. For his time building his empire, Donald trump has dealt with many in the business world -- some have become friends and faithful employees or associates and, to be sure, he has made some enemies. But, by and large, what you see on the campaign trail seems to be a microcosm of his business dealings. He genuinely likes people and engenders the same affection for him from those he deals with. This is the hallmark of a good leader. Early on in the primaries, he waded into a rancorous morass of hatred, distrust, and suspicion and instantly gathered a loyal following that has now blossomed into a movement. He has done so by dint of his kindness, selflessness, good cheer and genuine concern for others.

Clinton, on the other hand, cares only for herself ("I'm with Her" versus "He's with Us!") and makes no bones about how this is her turn and she will not be denied the presidency because SHE deserves it. She is cold, calculating, vicious, mean, and just plain evil and this feeling is transmitted to those around her. She leads by fear, intimidation, and -- most probably -- by blackmail.

Outwardly, she is shrill, domineering, and hectoring. She was and most appropriately referred or by a fellow blogger as "America's Ex-Wife", its shrewish implications describing her to a tee.

I do not see her gaining any good will by virtue of her personality and she may actually end up being "Stalin in a pantsuit", feared when present. Reviled and ridiculed when absent. And this, of course, will compound the downward slide of her popularity ratings.

There will be no love lost on her.

If Trump loses, it will justifiably be laid at the feet of four entities all working in concert.

(1) The unscrupulous Democratic party
(2) The main stream media
(3) The vile and unlawful Clinton campaign
(4) The turncoat GOPe establishment led by Paul Ryan

Taken all together the four entities above contrive to make a wicked stew of deceit, disloyalty, and evil treachery. In observing how they all conspired, I despise each greatly. But, perhaps I despise the disloyal GOPe and Paul Ryan the most. However, I will save my invective for the GOPe and Ryan for future posts - and they will not be pretty.

In any even, the events of the last week have led me to believe that this release of the video was the work of all four in ACTIVE concert together. The events happened to quickly and in to coordinated a manner to be anything BUY well rehearsed. The rapidity with which Ryan and the 40 pulled their support from Trump was alarming and, when Donald kicked ass in the debate, Ryan wandered in with his dagger drawn for another stab at Caesar's body on Monday and Tuesday.

"This was the most unkindest cut of all."

And with the rumors circulating about the tape being released to the WaPo by a Ryan flunky, it is plain to see that there is a concert going on here. My suspicion is that they all have eyes on the prize after the new year..

..but more in a subsequent post.


  1. The video is out from the Democratic New York Campaign Commissioner talking about bussing people from polling place to polling place to vote "early and often". A lack of need for any ID makes fraud simple. So Hillary could win by pure fraud.

    When we were young men, full of idealism and promise, who would have thought that we'd have fallen this far. There is no way that I'd join the military or serve in government under this regime. They've made the nation filthy.

  2. LL,

    I have done it again! Lost my address book on my email client. Send me a ping so we can grab a beer. There's a Hot Gas lawyer up in Tustin who's a great guy and we all should get together and plot our next covert op.

    Have a great day!