October 4, 2016


Lame, self-absorbed Hollywood elites take time out of their day to guide you on the path of wisdom:

Ordinary, work-a-day slobs express their eternal gratitude for this magnanimous advice:

No more need be said except vote on November 8th and send a big THANK FUCK YOU to the famous, self-absorbed actors.

Paid for by the War Planner Fuck Hollywood Actors PAC and who is solely responsible for the content (except for the treacly, sob-soaked, hyper-dramatic first video and the hard-bitten, down-to-earth real people second video.)

UPDATE: This smarmy collection of conceited, arrogant elites deigning to advise you on your vote has engendered a rich assortment of blowback parodies and remixes of which a few are below.

Also, here's a thought: the elite assholes (in the original video) will get to write off anywhere from $100,000 to $750,000 as a charitable contribution of pro-bono work (to offset what they may have already been paid). Isn't this an incredible hypocrisy? They create NO jobs but avail themselves of the same "loophole" that Trump used in keeping himself afloat in 1995?

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  1. I usually ask myself what the Kardashians are doing - and then do the opposite.