October 18, 2016


..or something.

Like many of you, I have been living a manic/depressive lifestyle over the last three months. Strike that. Since the first week in January when the events and people that lead us into that apocalyptic showdown on November 8th started to come into focus. I have been wringing my hands, taking an extra tot of spirits now and then, and generally sleeping fitfully as I worry about our fate.

(I am, if nothing else, a drama queen.)

But more and more, I have come to realize that we are on a predetermined course and only God (your God[s], my God, or whatever deity folks set their course by), has his hands on the tiller while we sit in the galley, munching our snacks, sipping our grog, and natter away inanely.

(I releat: I am, if nothing else, a drama queen.)

Anyway, of late I have tuned out (only slightly) in order to get some semblance of my life back and to catch my breath before the finishing sprint. Upon returning, however, I note the river of sewage we have been swimming in has only gotten higher and threatens to overflow its banks, per drudge today:

But before you assail me with the observation that the above looks as though it can be laid at the feet of BOTH Frau Colostomy Bag AND Donald Trump, let me weasel out by reminding you of the fact that early on in their struggle Trump essentially offered to take the high road only to be hit with Clinton unleashing the "Miss Piggy" horse crap followed by the media-aided bimbo salvos starting with the "Pussy Galore" locker room conversation. They (she, her campaign, and the media) have been dining out on that ever since. And, understandably, Trump's ratings have taken a dive.

This dive has seemingly been reflected in the polls and, as the waves of the bad number spill out from Megyn Kelly's pouty lips, off the screen of your 55-inch monster and onto that new carpet you just installed, you may have reached for the bottle of Jack or Lismores, or Creme de Menthe, or whatever to calm your nerves and buoy your mood.

But, despair not! Here is an interesting video featuring Stefan Molyneux and Bill Mitchell discussing that infamous 800 pound gorilla in the room: the slew of polls that favor Clinton over Trump. Listen for their (1) discussion of the media skewing the polls, (2) their discussion of the media "masking" the skewing of the polls, (3) their discussion of how the polls DO NOT equate to the empirical signs of a vibrant and active campaign (rally attendance, incredible social media response, yard signs, and the like) and (4) how this over-skewing may actually be a good thing.

O.K., I will shut up and let you watch. Take notes because there will be a quiz.


  1. I don't know that the progs care about the few journalistic efforts underway - WikiLeaks and Project Veritas. They know how the sausage is made and think that the laws don't apply to them.

    We know because of what we've seen lately that a corrupt FBI/DOJ support the contention that the laws don't apply to Hillary.

    You were in the USAF, Colonel. You (and I) know that if we or someone in our command did what Hillary did, they'd go to Leavenworth or the Portsmouth Naval Prison and turn boulders into road gravel until they died. That's no longer the case and the FBI backs the progs.

    Look at what is happening to the Air Force: http://symbolic-mirage.blogspot.com/2016/10/the-quiet-crisis.html

  2. Thank you. I'll be watching and spreading the word on the video. I've felt that there was a lot being said by the MSM's antics with skewing polls...as you said, that could be a good thing. The only thing that dispirited me was debate 1, but that's a distant memory, and debate 2 made up for it all, with plenty to spare.

    Also, Mr. LL's article about the Air Force is disturbing. I wish more people knew this stuff. The good stuff IS out here...it's just getting to more people. Thank ya'll for what you're doing.

  3. Mr Unk.

    Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate your comments. In light of all the sewage released from the floodgates re Clinton today, it will be an interesting face-off tomorrow.

    As to the polls, I have said over the last three weeks, ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER will be shocked on November 9th.

    ..just hope it isn't our side.

    Don't be a stranger.