November 17, 2010

I can fix that...Need a spoon? I can fix that!

In the spirit of Odie over at the Woodsterman (with whom I will be having lunch tomorrow) and my thanks to Captain Harris over at Group 7 HQ:

Need a spoon? I can fix that!

Cables falling down behind your desk? I can fix that!

Seat belt broken? I can fix that!

Power plug problems? I can fix that!

Stereo ripped off? I can fix that!

Bookshelf not too steady? I can fix that!

Can't afford a real GPS? I can fix that!

Need an ice chest? I can fix that!

Car manufactured in another country? I can fix that!

Satellite TV go out in the rain? I can fix that!

Coffee pot broken? I can fix that!

Windshield wiper motor burned out? I can fix that!

Exhaust pipe dragging? I can fix that!

Need a diaper?

..well, I could have fixed that. But I must confess I am speechless



Supi said...

Engineer types. Gotta love them. I really like how to keep cables from falling down.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Have you been reading my email again?

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi War Planner, Gotta love American ingenuity.
Enjoy your lunch with the gang, it should be lots of fun!
Wish I was there to join you guys, but I'm not flying these days ;-)

LL said...

Each is a practical solution to a pressing problem.

Now, where do I get that fork attachment?

roben said...

Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article.
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The War Planner said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Some of these things really are kind of interesting. I particularly like the paper clip idea. And with my small bladder who knows? Maybe I could press the last idea into service.

Bunni, I hope we can get together with you and Supi and the others at a convention sometime. It really would be a gas.

By the way, LL is an author and I am dying to read his book. I'll write a review and fill you in on it -- but, if I know LL's background, it'll be exciting.