November 22, 2009


Clearly, my anger and vitriol was showing in my last post. No defense for it really except feeling the of futility being rendered irrelevant as our elected representatives continue to ignore our will. I want to say I am sorry for the harsh language and ways I categorized Landrieu and Lincoln..

..wait a minute. Did you get that? "I want to say." You know, the typical lib apology. Well, folks, that's exactly what I meant. And, truth be told, I DO NOT want to apologize.

So, to all of the leftist hand-wringers who pass by here: pound sand.

Anyway, I digress.

As long as we're talking about the subject of futility, let's visit a lovely ray of sunshine just posted over at Hot Air. (I'm too lazy to link it up. You know the drill, the video is above, Hot Air's over there, and there's hunnerts of comments on this thing by now. You do the math.)

But, it's sweet revenge for Sarah. Watch how she gets off the bus to a modest but enthusiastic crowd in Michigan and chats with her admirers, all the while ignoring the poisonous Andrea Mitchell, whose head darts in and out from under the armpit of a security guard like some venomous serpent. Mitchell attempts to extract some comments from her that can be immediately whisked away and posted on some Knee-pad Media outlet as grist for vile, hate-filled, anti-Palin commentary. But Sarah just blows her away in deference to the ordinary folk who thrust everything at her to sign except the kitchen sink.

But she is deftly ignored and treated by Sarah as just one of the folks.

Better than that: marginalized.

One of the great comments over on the Hot Air post: "Sarah is a quitter: she quit answering Mitchell's questions."


  1. I am still upset about Saturday night. Our reps do indeed take us for fools.

  2. Madame,

    The video will come as some small comfort to you and, believe me, the worm will turn..

    ..and we're talking ones like those huge monsters in Dune

  3. Andrea Mitchell is to reporters as Jeffrey Dahmer is to felons.

    Speaking of quitting, I just wish Andrea Mitchell would quit breathing MY air.