November 1, 2009

Great New Site..

I was over on Hot Air reading about how that Scuzzy-Fava liberal c**t masquerading-as-a-Republican took a cool million and backing from the GOP, suckered Newtered Gingrich into an endorsement and, when a poll goes South, skates on the race and then backs the Democrat candidate.

I am also just about to throw up when I read the thread and follow one commenter's link to a site called LMAOBama wher they got this great collection of captioned pictures like the one on the left. I won't steal all of the fun; go there and check it out. It'll put you in a good mood.


  1. I heard not long ago. There really is a God. Thank you lord.

  2. Enjoy it while you can but be careful of reveling in the schadenfreude, old chum, it has a tendency of snapping back on you..

    ..for example, just because this ditz did decide to back Owens dosen't mean that Hoffman will lose. I suggest you follow the links and look at the analysis. Plus, there's always that sentiment against Pelosi, Healthscare, Reid, and The Pantload-in-Chief that might move mountains and render this a stunnning rebuke of the POSOTUS.

    If that happens and there's anything even close to a tri-fecta smackdown next Tuesday, I am going to be -- as the name of the new site says -- LMAO.

  3. But it's nice to see the cons eating their own. And if nuts like Palin and Bachmann continue with their crusades, they will continue to divide, and the left will conquer.

    Hoffman will probably win, but big deal.

  4. ..uh oh, I sense a pick-off move coming. That's usually what happens when people are tha far off base.

    Keep living in your echo chamber; we're counting on it for 2010 and 2012.

  5. Go Palin, Go Bachmann, Go extremest cons. Keep up the alienation and certainly keep up the crazy tales you love to tell, as people are calling you out on them. Finally.

  6. The echo of truth certainly sounds nice to me :-)

  7. Epic Forklift Crash In Moscow Ruins Estimated $150,000 Of Vodka, Cognac (VIDEO)

    The horror! The horror!

  8. Bonc (sorry, I don't know the best way to abbreviate your name), what books have you read and really liked? Not trying to stereotype, but seems the cons generally read history first, and the bible second.

    I suggest that all of lifes answers can not be found in just those sets of books. Seems thats all the Palins, w's, Bachmanns, RayGuns, etc, read..

  9. Reaper,

    Voyska will do as an Anglicization of the Cyrillic.

    My reading list consists of, for the most part, Tom Clancy, John Mortimer (Rumpole of the Baily), Stephen Ambrose (Band of Brothers, Citizen Soldiers), and an uncountable number of computer-geek C/C++ software developer's tomes and electronic/RF/radio building books and articles. I have read the Bible but only as part of my Sunday School classes as a "yute".

    Don't know where you are going with this, but I would warn you not to attempt to stereotype me based on a reading list. You would be misunderestimating an adversary.

    Appreciate the visit.

  10. Voyska, sounds like Vodka, my favorite drink.

    Ironic, just read in the NY Commie Times, "Russia Tries, Once Again, to Rein in Vodka Habit"

    Ironic again, I have lots of C++ books also. I am retiring one called "C++ Primer Plus" and having it hollowed out as a quick access gun safe. It's a big book so can hold a big pistola. And what dumb criminal would ever look inside a book for anything valuable?

    And whats with your blog site as it seems very Fire Fox unfriendly?

    Ironic a third time, as I live about 11 miles from the evil empire called Microsoft (a big fan of C and C++ as you may know)