March 26, 2013

Good money after bad II?

"Well! Isn't that special!"
Yes. Here is a response to a solicitation from Huge Hew-Witless's insipid show. (My apologies to Christians and Catholics, but I find his incessant shows on this topic stultifying and boring. But, then that's repetitively redundant, innit?)

Dear "Hughniverse Team":


..relationship? RELATIONSHIP? It was the same as a relationship between a hooker and a client. I paid you money and I got..

Tell you what:

(0) Stop with the absolutely OPPRESSIVE commercial load on the show (and on your station in general). More spots than on Lady Macbeth's hands. It's like a litter of Dalmatians.

(1) Stop with all the All-Catholic/all-Religion All The Time. Even as a Christian, I find this off-putting and boring. So there's a new pontiff? When he quits/croaks there will be YET ANOTHER new pontiff. What's the big deal? It's been working like that for over 2,003 years.

(2) Stop patronizing people. Stop soliciting for drone GOP campaign funds when the GOP raised two billion and blew it out it's ass in attempting to un-elect the WORST POTUS in history and an egregious, grasping, commie congress.

(3) Tell John Campbell that his job is AS AN ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE OF CONGRESS and NOT a talk show host. He needs to work for his constituents NOT Hugh Hewitt.

(4) Stop with the tedious, lame, and un-hip OSU/Cleveland pro teams sports stuff. Who cares? That's Ohio and the Midwest, fer crissakes.

(5) Stop with the beyond-tedious USC bashing. (This from a 1968 UCLA grad).

(6) MOST IMPORTANT: stop with the gratuitous Generalissimo bashing. That guy is the best thing that show's got.

..better yet: fire Hewitt and hire Duane. He is 1,000% sharper when it comes to politics, 2,000% funnier, and 3,000% more listenable. See if you can get Duane and Ed Morrissey to do the show.

In the mean time, if you want me, I'll be over at 790 KHz listening to your competition.

[The War Planner]
Fountain Valley, California

---- Hughniverse wrote:

Come Back To Hughniverse

Hello ,
Don't want to miss out on another minute of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show? Then read
We noticed that your Hughniverse subscription expired and has not been renewed.
We sincerely value your membership and would love to have you back. Remember, a
subscription to Hugh Hewitt's premium site gives you access to exclusive features
- Daily, commercial-free podcasts of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show
- An archive of the show
- Audio of Hugh's greatest hits and special interviews
- Duane's World and Duane FM
- Members-only blogs
- Chat live with Duane and other Hughniverse members
- Hughnivision: A live video stream of the Hugh Hewitt Show
- Plus more...
Renew your Hughniverse membership today! If you would like to renew your subscription and stay in the loop of all things
Hugh Hewitt, please go to here.Your username is: warplanner Have any questions? Feel free to email us here.
If you already have a current/active membership to Hughniverse, we apologize for
this email and you may ignore it.

Best Regards,

The Hughniverse Team
Maybe Huge-wit could liven up his show by having a Barbed wire steel cage match slap fest with Pat Caddell.

..this confirms it, I am becoming a bitter old man!

Screw it! We want Duane! We want Duane! We want Duane!


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