March 25, 2013

Daily Piss-Off #1.. I walk into a watch shop and ask if they'll replace the battery in my old Casio sports watch (that I have owned since 1999) and this bitch running the store (of SEA extraction) breaks away from a seemingly interminable cell phone conversation and rattles on about how they won't guarantee the the waterproof seal if they REPLACE THE BATTERY. I said, that's o.k., just replace the battery.

So I get the watch back and the lady rattles on about how the digital window time cannot be set because the buttons "were broken when we opened up the watch".

"Bullshit!," I said, "I just set that watch two days ago! They were working then!"

Then she and her husband get in defensive mode and start blathering bout how it was already broken. I slam down my ATM card and say, "Just charge me the fucking ten dollars and I'll be on my way."

They still protest so I repeat my request. I add that they must be piss poor craftsmen because NO PLACE on the face of the fucking globe have I ever been given a caveat like that when I have asked to have my watch battery changed. I sign the receipt and, as I disappear out the door, I tell them, "The next time I or any of my friends need to get charged $10 to have a watch broken, we'll stop in and see you!"

Some times life sucks  dog turds, don't it?


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