March 19, 2013

The people are revolting!

"..this will arrive in June some time."
..good for the CO sheriffs and all the other folks taking part in this people’s revolt against tyranny.

There is this dichotomy of thought that Obama is sinister and is unfolding an evil plan to take down this nation on one hand and that he is a bumbling, ignorant fool on the other.

This attempt by him and his coterie of commie sycophants to erase firearm ownership from the American scene is a classic example of his stupidity, however. The public — seeing this threat to the first, second, fourth, and tenth amendments — have reacted by buying more guns, ammunition, and even the wherewithal to produce same.

This has driven demand for all items through the roof — including those goods and services on the periphery of the question. It’s annoying and yet satisfying to put in an order for a reloading press, dies, powder, bullets, brass, etc. and be told that you have a six-month wait until you receive the items you ordered.