January 7, 2012

No work Saturday..

Hey, I am lazy but I worked hard all week and want to spend some time with my hobbies. I got an AR to finish (need a couple of punches from Brownells for the Bolt Catch assembly) and I want to retro-fit an LCD display on a K1EL K-42 code reader I built.

So, I thought I'd let a comment from Hot Air serve fill in for me. Rational Though was commenting on an assertion made that Romney is using the electability meme; like McCain did in 2008. The point was that McCain failed and so will Romney. Well, here it is for your reading pleasure, emphasis added:
I don’t recall McCain’s electability getting the play last time around that Romney’s is this time. I’ve Google searched it, and yeah, it was definitely there, but I do not recall it being such a big issue. I recall that it was “McCain’s turn” and all of that. I never wanted McCain — I thought Rudy was much more electable — but no Republican was going to win in 2008. Period. That is just a fact. The “financial crisis” in late September, which Bush, McCain, and that corrupt POS Hank Paulson all jumped on with their hyperbolic doomsday scenarios ended the contest. No one was going to beat the Cult of Obama in the face of a “Republican financial crisis” that was “threatening the very existence of the nation.” McCain was an awful candidate running a hideous campaign in the most anti-Republican election of my lifetime, but he STILL got 47% of the vote. I could not believe it was that close. Could not believe it. This time around, the Cult of Obama has become the Disaster of Obama. This is going to be a different election. Beating an incumbent is always hard, but it hinges on intensity against the incumbent, not for his challenger, and the intensity to remove Obama is exceptionally high, far higher than the intensity in Obama’s base to re-elect him. The only thing that is likely to screw it up is if the GOP nominates a religious zealot or a candidate who routinely appears befuddled and incompetent.

Rational Thought on January 7, 2012 at 11:35 AM
*dusts off hands*

Man, was that easy! Now, where's my soldering iron?

UPDATE: I was chastised by my dear friend, Woodsterman, who accuses me of being a tool of the establishment GOP. Odie stopped short of sinking into that deplorable state of Eeyorehood wherein one declares that Romney as the nominee will bring on another Obama victory. Some even go so far as to say that this would invite a Pantload landslide.

I humbly disagree. Odie, I loves ya like a brother and know that our friendship will not be fractured by such disagreements. And I know that this is the primary season and we must all back those candidates we feel will be the best for whatever reasons. But for those out there who DO lapse into becoming Eeyores, I have this for you: these folks are nothing more than aspirants who would be auditioning for the Randy Quaid role in a remake of Major League II:

Do you not comprehend that Obama was swept into power by people with so-called Bush fatigue and the overspending of by the Rs in Congress? Obama was a cypher, a ghost, a zero running against an old, sclerotic candidate who did almost everything to sabotage his VP running mate and yet was leading until he spazzed out on the handling of the debt crisis. Obama was not vetted by the kneepad wearing, tongue bathing, bum osculating Lame Scream Media who gave him a pass on everything while dumping on Bush, McCain, and savaging Sarah Palin viciously.

Obama now has a record on single-handedly wrecking the economy, destroying relations with our allies abroad while smooching with every spittle-flecked despot on the face of the earth. He has blown two sure victories -- Iraq and Afghanistan -- out his pimple-covered hatchet ass and has weakened our military to the point where the post-Carter's levels would seem like a Reagan-esque buildup. He has paid off cronies, foisted off green jobs as largess to his backers, and otherwise handed the NLRB to big labor on a platter.

His record smells worse than a latrine outside one of those donkey bars in Tijuana, Mexico.

Don't even get me started on his so-called Justice Department. And I have not even mentioned the stimulus and ObamaCare.

So along comes a guy who ran the bluest state in the country as a relatively conservative Republican and seemingly did a good job of it. I'll spare you the litany; I am sure there are points we can debate. . But I am so far disposed to voting and supporting Romney because I believe that he has the tools to make a good president and that he has the best chance of banishing this socialist butt-wipe to the oblivion he belongs.

My number one goal is to see that Obama is defeated.

AS I said and to be fair, this is the primary season and each and every one of us should back the person we feel would make the best president. Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, Huntsman, Paul -- yes, even Ron Paul. If anyone of those are the nominee I will work my ass off to support them -- yes, even Ron Paul. I would expect the same from all of you who dislike what Obama is doing to our country. I suspect Odie feels the same way.

But the deal breaker for me are those who stamp their feet, hold their breath, take their ball and go home or otherwise throw a tantrum by threatening to cast a protest vote for some no-chance libertarian or third-party candidate. Or even worse yet: voting for Obama in the hopes that their precious little conservative nirvana will eventuate in 2016.

Flush out you head gear, new guy. There ain't gonna be a U. S. of A. in 2016 if Obama gets another four years. (Here he cues the litany of repeated vetoes of ObabaCare repeal bills and other (R) attempts to thwart him, or the ultra-liberal SCOTUS we'll end up with.)

..anyway, I made my point. Hope you understand.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.


January 6, 2012

I escaped; don't pay the ransom..

Well, the new year brings no sup[rises. Work continues to suffocate.

"May Allah shine his light on you, infidels.."

Here's a little ditty from 1LT "Sky" King, our USAF Auxiliary Squadron Deputy Commander.
Best Bar Joke, evah:

An Illegal Alien, a Muslim and a Communist go into a bar.

The bartender asks: "What can I get you, Mr. President?"

January 1, 2012

Merry New Year!

At the inception of each year, I am always reminded of this little gem:

Hot Air chose The Pantload's lamentation "about being held to a higher standard for leadership on freedom than, er, communist China’s Hu Jintao." as their Obamateurism of the Year. Truly amazing effluvia from a man who, arguably, is not held to any standards whatsoever by his handmaidens in the sequined-knee-pad-wearing, tongue-batching mainstream press.

If he is ejected November next, one wonders -- for the sake of symmetry -- there will be an Office of the President Reject[ed]?

Also, Hot Air regular commenter Rovin remarks:

Call me paranoid, but I wouldn’t put it past them, (this current administration and/or the DOJ), to cause an internet meltdown/virus that will virtually destroy every piece of information gathered on our hard-drives. And, of course, this malicious tool will be blamed on some foreign entity by the liberal media, who mysteriously were not effected by the virus. ANYONE can now purchase a full terabyte backup hard-drive for $119.00, (and two TB’s for under $200) leaving your PC protected from a potential information disaster—a small price to pay to preserve the historic events, (and Mr. Morrissey’s OOTD’s), that this administration has undertaken to undermine the masses.

(Now back to my regularly scheduled Ketel-One Bloody Mary)

Rovin on January 1, 2012 at 11:14 AM
Which occasions my recommendation that you pay frequent visits to The Obama Fail Blog this year because we will be entering our final lap with this cretin and one does not wish to miss a minute of his flailing and lip-flapping.

..all the best; now go out and be prosperous and healthy.


December 31, 2011

Speaking of ugly..

"Gimme your dough..!"

The First Moocher is at it again. She's lounging around her Hawaiian digs, vacationing on our 40,000,000 dimes (after taking an early flight over that cost us an extra million dimes because she could not wait for that hatchet-assed, metro-sexual Pantload POTUS to wrap things up in D.C.) and putting the arm on her husband's backers, asking them to dig down deep and come up with $3 to for their campaign.

From Kieth Koffler's White House Dossier blog:
Speaking from her paradisical $4 million Hawaii vacation, Mrs. Obama wants to know: Do any of President Obama’s supporters have $3 to spare for his reelection?

This is approximately like coming upon Warren Buffett on a street corner with a McDonald’s cup asking if he can have 15 cents. Michelle’s request was part of an email sent to the Obama 2012 list today.

Over the next 11 months we’ve got an organization to grow, voters to register, and people to get fired up.

I hope you’ll close out this year by donating $3 or more now to help make sure we’re ready for the next one...
Thank you so much, and happy new year,

The obscene juxtaposition of the first lady on a $4 million vacation while asking what would have to be middle to low income earners for three bucks – who else would they be targeting with such an appeal? – is yet another example of lack of perspective the Obamas seem to be gaining while in power.

Mrs. Obama takes extravagant vacations to Spain and southern Africa. The president golfs obsessively and is currently dining at Honolulu’s ritziest restaurants. All while asking their fellow Americans to “sacrifice” during this time of not plenty.
And they blow $4 million – mostly taxpayers’ money – on a vacation, while wondering
if the small people can come up with $3. What about renting a beach house next year at the Jersey shore? I mean, if we’re all going to sacrifice.
Tell you what, Keith, if things play out well next year, Moon-Ass and her dipstick hubby will be spending their vacations wading in the shores of Lake Michigan or cavorting in the spray of open fire hydrants in the sweltering Summer streets of Chicago.

For the moment, however, while she's strolling along Makapu'u Beach, you can tell her for me to pound sand.


The Tasteless Past..

Piqued by a tip from Ed Morrissey and James Lileks on their Saturday show, I came across a truly pedestrian set of pics that rivals Woodsterman's Walmatrian series. Hint: Google "Awkward Family Photographs". Here's a sample of the more tasteful.

..I can't go on. Talk amongst yourselves.


Past is Prologue II: A look back at 2011..

Actually, this is from 2010, but it is worth remembering if only because I am sure this product will probably be in demand [yet again] after November 6th, 2012.

I wonder if they'll be offering the 2-for-1 offer if you just pay the additional shipping and handing?


December 28, 2011

Past is Prologue

Dear Leader is gone but the true tragedy for the NorKs will be when they lose their other "Dear Leader". It'll be a time for them to crank up the tear ducts once more.

TANGENTIAL DRIVE BY ADDENDA: What do you call any given politician's policy of obsequiously fawning over illegal alien in order to get their vote?


Someone in a thread over on Hot Air said he didn't like Rick Santorum because he felt like the Presidential candidate looked like a rat with dentures.

..I don't make 'em up, pally, I just read 'em.


December 25, 2011

After Christmas back to work post..

Playing with my new toys. Go here for some interesting stuff. Will be back to write about it when the toys get old. Meantime, we got us some serious work to do next year.


December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, Mr Scrooge, in keeping with the situation..

..and may God bless us every one and bring us what we all -- well, hopefully 51 percent or more of us -- wish for: a victory over the forces of evil and darkness and a merrier and brighter Yule in 2012.


December 21, 2011

Miss me yet?

From an obscure link off of Drudge:

..Oh my, how the worm has turned.

UPDATE: Took a look at the site from whence this pic/post came -- Bad Rachel -- and sort of fell in love with it. Straight, clean, spare, unembellished, and worth visiting. I added it to my blog list over there on the right.



December 20, 2011

Turn out the lights, the party's over..

The North Koreans put their old boy into the display case today:
Makes a nice banquet centerpiece, don't you think? Just stick an apple in his mouth.
Man, the amount chicken fat and make-up that went into making that stiff presentable on his bier must've set a Guinness record. And, you know NK's don't have a sense of humor when they don't dress up their dictator -- known laughingly to the rest of the Free World as Pajama Boy -- in a set of PJs for his final nap.

Here's the Pajama Boy with his successor son, Melon Head, back in the days when he was vertical:
"Hey dad, when this is done, can we roast a couple of Fox Terriers? I'm starving!"
..the real mystery here is that why would millions of people elect to be subjugated and starved by creeps like this? Must be something in the dog meat they eat.


December 19, 2011

The Dark Knight?

(Gonna get some flak for this, but I can't abode the image of that flabby-breasted fruitball congressman..)


War Planner "I don't give a crap" Insensitive Comment of the Week

Bawney Fwank, the old fairy, with retirement in sight, is finally beginning to lose it:

"Barney Frank Wears Revealing Shirt On House Floor"

Outgoing Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was on the House floor late Monday afternoon wearing a t-shirt and a sling due to a recent operation on his thumb.

Frank was wearing a revealing shirt, one which you could see through that exposed what his bare chest looks like.

The outgoing Congress said his recent attire was due to surgery he had on a ligament in his thumb.
If you think I'm gonna add to this nonsense, you're certifiable. Maybe this is why these clowns can't get anything done.


December 18, 2011

Mele Kaliki Maka 2011: Pantload Vacay Redux..

It seems like only yesterday that The Chicago Jesus and his grasping, tone-deaf WIDE LOAD FLOTUS took separate vacations together to Martha's Vineyard in a stupefyingly display of opulence and insensitivity. That his'n'hers sojourn spawned these little ditties:
"Finding a wave in Martha's Vineyard is almost as hard as finding a job."
"I'd say after 40 fund raisers, I've earned a vacation."
"Wishing you happy job hunting from sunny Martha's Vineyard."
"Gotta sharpen my game for the next ESPN special."
"I hope I bowl higher than my approval rating."
"Why did that lifeguard call me Jimmy Carter?"
"I shot a 39 on the front nine--matches my approval rating."
"It's hot outside, heading to take a double dip."
"This $50,000 per week estate is wicked awesome."
"One local called me the Bill Buckner of the economy. That's good, right?"
"No Joe, don't touch anything while I'm gone."
"Low polls, high unemployment...life's a beach."
"On second thought, maybe I was wrong about Slurpees."
"Great thing about vacations...don't need a plan."
"Wow, I'm eligible for an upgrade. Boy, I needed that."
"I'll pivot to that whole jobs thing...next week."
"Raining in Martha's Vineyard. Must be Bush's fault."
"Divots: They're shovel ready."
Well, just when he thought it was safe to go back in the water, up comes Christmas and yet another period for r'n'r after a blistering pace of on-our-dime-campaigning-disguised-as-POUTS tours, golfing, boogeying at the White House, the customary grind of work-and-responsibility avoidance, and the brain-slaughtering slog of, well, ceaseless vacation planning. So, one would think that our adorable first couple would want to avoid the tin-eared, low-rez optics of past time-off missteps, right?

Nah, not to be, old son.

Turns out this little 17-day stay in our 50th state will set us back a pile.
..research shows the total cost for the President’s visit for taxpayers far exceeded $1.5 million in 2010 – but is even more costly this year because he extended his vacation by three days and the cost for Air Force One travel has jumped since last assessed in 2000.
The total cost (based on what is known) for the 17-day vacation round trip vacation to Hawaii for the President, his family and staff has climbed to more than $4 million.
And that's our nickel, folks.

The obscene details (if you want to really delve into this) are itemized in a recent Honolulu Reporter article. The biggest chunk is, of course, travel and logistics:
The biggest expense is President Barack Obama’s round trip flight to Hawaii via Air Force One, a cost the GAO office estimated at $1 million in the year 2000. Contacted today, the GAO confirmed there is no report the independent office affiliated with Congress has prepared since 2000 to operate Air Force One and Air Force Two. However, the U.S. Air Force provides the most current numbers of $181,757 per flight hour. Travel time for Air Force One direct from Washington D.C. to Hawaii is about 9 hours or $1,635,813 each way for a total of $3,271,622 for the round trip to Hawaii and back.
The cost for USAF C-17 cargo aircraft that transports the Presidential limos, helicopters and other support equipment to Hawaii was not made available. However, the flight time between Andrews Air Force Base and Hawaii is at about 21.5 hours round trip, with estimated operating cost of $12,000 per hour. (Source: GAO report, updated by C-17 crew member). The;United States Marine Corps provides a presidential helicopter, along with pilots and support crews for the test flights, which travel on another C-17 flight. That is $258,000, not including costs for the 4 to 6 member crew's per diem and hotel.
And, no, it seems they did NOT sidestep one of the more serious gaffes attributed to their Martha's Vineyard outing:
Mrs. Obama’s early flight to Hawaii costs about $63,000 (White House Dossier), but add security and personnel for a total of about $100,000.
This is getting to be a nasty habit. I mean, she can't wait around the palatial White House for her husband to finish up the work he has been so studiously avoiding? What's the all-fired rush to convey her ample ass out to beyond where the sun sets?

Look, I know we're supposed to be respectful and all that, but if Moose-Chelle keeps booking these separate flights, I'm gonna keep throwing a flag on it and start stirring up speculation that maybe when she flies with any contingent, there are weight and balance issues with Air Force One.


So looks like as we hunker down in our freezing garrets and basements, heating up our gruel over a candle, and spending hard-earned farthings on modest gifts for the third meager Yule Season under this blithering incompetent, we'll be treated to pictures of him and The Moose out there living the high life and the glistening man-boob pictures as he emerges from body surfing at Makapuu.

I hope a shark gnaws his noodle off.



Odie -- The Woodsterman -- has a recurring series on his site variously called People of WalMart or Return of the WalMartians or something similar which is a delightful(?) selection of out-of-this-world pictures of the out of this world that shop at that iconic store.

Well, Odie's got his agenda and I have mine. From time-to-time, I plug The Obama Fail Blog because I believe it to be a great resource for all of us who have had to endure the Immense Bowel Movement of a POTUS for the last 1,422 days. More if you count those odious maneuverings of the Office of the President Elect.

And that last point underscores why The Obama Fail Blog is a great resource. How many of you remembered that gaff? How many of you remember the details of the oil spill and how we first learned of Obama's tendency of preferring vacations and golf to actually solving a pressing problem before our country? Anyway, this is the most recent You Tube posted and it harkens us back to the first huge bumble that this cretin foisted off on us, The Stimulus:

As you will see, it's a good recounting of why the stimulus failed and, of course, begs the question as to why this fool would think that another edition of this -- albeit half the size -- would get us out of the economic doldrums we have languished in for the entire duration of The Pantload's term.

So go over to catch Odie's latest truly funny stuff and then head to The Obama Fail Blog to trip through the pages of recent history..

..if you dare.


December 16, 2011


From my friend, Kevin "Sky" King:

I was sitting at a traffic light yesterday next to a carload of politicians when a big tractor-trailer drove right over the top of their car! Flattened it!

"Wow!" I thought, "That could've been me!"

..so I went and got a Commercial Driver's License.

December 13, 2011


Sorry for the drive-by, but do you know who this is?

No, it's not a picture of your Uncle Seymore, the stevedore, in drag. It's Christiane Amanpour who's rumored out at at that slice of liberal/leftist Sunday garbage, This Week over on ABC.

As I commented on Hot Air:
At the risk of sounding like Apocalypse (the Hot Gas commenter, not the event), in each of our dreary days on this earth — even the darkest — God reaches down with at least one golden shaft of sunlight to brighten our pathetic existence.

By comparison, the news of the [possible] replacement of this insufferable, conceited, patronizing, condescending beyotch with her affected accent and male-in-drag appearance is like a million super novae in the heavens.
(By the way, bethcha $10,000 your uncle Seymore's voice is NOT lover than Amanpour's.)

..so how's that for a lazy, minimalist daily bookmark? I tell you, this blogging thing is getting easier and easier.