August 16, 2010

In keeping with the tone of the day..


It's a hot morning in August here in the Land of the [formerly] Free and Home of the [newly] Brave and this one goes out to all you Democrats out there thinking about the cooler Fall days coming up -- particularlty the first Tuesday in NOvember..

..take it away, Martha..

(, she is one gorgeous woman, in a slender sixties sorta way, ain't she? Like Hannibal Lechter said, "Love that suit!")

UPDATE AND CORRECTION ON EGREGIOUS FAUX PAUS: I omittted a kind thank you to the equally lovely and talented NO SHEEPLES for her contributions as well. Muchas Garcias y hasta manzanas, Carol.


Christopher said...

Hey War,

Detroit area here and this Motown music is to this day still popular as all get out!

Very fitting song as well for the mid-terms!!!!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

No where to hide in NOvember you rats. We're plugging your rat holes and coming for you!