September 21, 2012

Hey! Fellow old guys!

Hat tip to Erika Johnsen over at Hot Air, here's a clip of Paul Ryan going into the belly of the beast and taking his message to the AARP's annual convention in New Orleans, Louisiana:

You will hear, of course, a chorus of boos mixed in with some applause. I'm guessing me that some old codgers like me ain't exactly down with the program of dumping Obama and his crew. Although it's a somewhat ambiguous response.

Nonetheless, one admires Paul for standing his ground a la Romney at the NAACP convention.

That said, as far as I am concerned, you can flush AARP down the sewer as a 100% shill for Obama and the health care plan he rammed down our throats over two years ago. As far as I am concerned, that company can F.O.A.D. Don't share my opinion? Then view this little clip and see if you feel the same way.



  1. ARRP is an enemy of freedom.

    I would never join or support one of their programs - or support anyone who does.

    Not that I'm OLD enough to join AARP...

  2. I've got a Huge bone to pock wutrh rgwaw sumbitches. I'm 53, on SSD they started my medicare last Jan.. and now, I get a bill from AARP telling me, I owe them for supplemental perscription coverage..

    When I NEVER bught their insurance.. or even joined AARP?


    Did Medicare sign me up?.. I never corresponded with, or signed any forms.. so how can they not only claim me as a member.. but bill me?

    I have some very disgruntled calls to make Monday..

    I'm enrolling in AMAC as soon as I can..



    I did wander over from Hotair.. and yeah.. the google avatar is me.. well about two years on anyway..

  3. Oh... SAC.. 15th Air Force 90th SMW 90th SPG 90th SPS.. Charlie flight.. 3rd squad..

    FE Warren AFB

  4. The "TAKERS" will never understand that soon there will be nothing for anyone.